7 Important Tips to Keep Youthful Looks ...


7 Important Tips to Keep Youthful Looks ...
7 Important Tips to Keep Youthful Looks ...

Ways to Keep Looking Young are important no matter what your age, because it's never too early to start taking care of yourself. Looking young is something we all aim to do – or at least wouldn´t object to -- and that's primarily why it's important to know the best ways to keep looking young. It goes without saying that we can't keep visible signs of aging at bay forever, but there are a lot of ways to keep looking young for as long as possible. You can help yourself stay looking young by following these tips …

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Safe Sun

Keeping out of the sun is one of the best ways to keep looking young. Dermatologists say that much of what people believe to be natural aging is actually caused by excessive exposure to the sun. We need a little time in the sun without sunscreen to produce vitamin D, but it should be limited. Always keep your face protected by wearing a hat and a facial sunscreen, and avoid too much sun, even with protection.


Smoke-Free Zone

This has got to be one of the daftest ways to age yourself. Smokers never stay looking young! Have you ever noticed those vertical lines around a smoker's mouth? It's not worth the cost to your health or your skin, so don´t be tempted to take up the habit, and if you already smoke, imagine what you'll look like in ten years time. Probably much more than a decade older!


Good Genes

Choose your parents wisely! Admittedly, this is something that no-one has any control over, but if your parents look younger than their biological age, that gives you a head start. So don't waste it – take note of all the other tips and always bear in mind the most important ways to keep looking young!


Important Insides

I sometimes joke that eating foods with lots of preservatives will keep you looking young. Joking aside, it's important to feed your body well. Foods that help preserve a youthful appearance include strongly coloured fruits such as blueberries, salmon, brazil nuts and flaz seeds. And not forgetting plenty of water!


Say No to Surgery

Look at pictures of celebrities and it's easy to tell who's had cosmetic surgery. Sadly, the frozen-faced look that many of them sport doesn't actually make them appear younger, but instead simply looks bizarre. There are much less invasive and costly ways to keep looking young.


Awesome Attitude

If you believe that you're getting old, then you will be old. Staying young is as much about keeping a youthful attitude as it is about the lack of lines on your face. So it's very important to enjoy life, be happy within yourself, and not worry about aging. Then you'll give off an aura of youthfulness.


Fab Frocks

Just because you hit 30, 40, 50 or whatever 'landmark' age does not mean that you have to start (or stop) dressing a certain way. There are some styles that are only flattering on the very young, but others that you can continue to wear as long as they suit you. Keep rejuvenating your wardrobe and caring about how you look. One of the best ways to keep looking young is to be happy and comfortable with yourself.

There are many ways to keep looking young, from natural remedies to elective procedures. Looking young isn't just for those who really are young. If you want people to think that you are younger than your true age, the two most important ways to keep looking young are to avoid sun and cigarettes. All the other tips will help as well. It can be done! Did your mother or grandmother pass on any great tips about looking young? If you know any other ways to keep looking young, do share!

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Choose your 'parents' safely..................that gave me a laughhhh.......oops yes laughter can make you feel youngerr! :D :D :D

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