7 Incredibly Multi-Functioning Beauty Products ...

Multi-Functioning Beauty Products are essential for multi-tasking ladies who are on the run! I’m always in a hurry, especially since I am definitely not a morning person! These multi-functioning beauty products will help streamline your beauty routine and save you money by requiring you to buy fewer beauty products. If you need some handy beauty gadgets, take a look!

1. Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow Perfume Ring to Go

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Price: $29.00 at sephora.com
This multi-functioning beauty product is adorable and effective! This Hello Kitty ring doubles as solid perfume for fragrance applications when you’re on the go. The ring contains Hello Kitty’s signature scent, Big Pink Bow, that has a sweet tropical and floral smell to keep you fresh throughout the day. The ring is gold and white and goes great with every outfit!

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