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If you're looking for a tattoo that'll stand the test of time, you might want to consider a Roman numeral tattoo. They're a marvelous way to commemorate any important date, and you can get them just about anywhere. Here are a few of my favorite Roman numeral tattoos... aren't they just the best?

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A Branch

I'm wondering if she'll add little birds or leaves or flowers as she has children, or something. So pretty!


In Script

This script "font" is a unique twist on the Roman numeral trend.


Incorporating a script font adds a delicate and feminine touch to the bold, historical strength of Roman numerals. It represents an interesting blend of strength and grace, creating a tattoo that is both eye-catching and meaningful. When etched onto the skin, this style exudes a sense of personalized elegance, making it a popular choice for commemorating special dates or milestones in a more subtle, artistic manner. Whether wrapped around a wrist or cascading down a shoulder, script numerals transform the ancient numbers into modern-day body art that truly resonates with the wearer's story.

Frequently asked questions

Oh, there are so many gorgeous ideas! You can opt for a dainty Roman numeral on your wrist, a bold one on your forearm, or even a colorful twist. Play around with placement and fonts to make it truly unique.

They often symbolize important dates, like birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant life events. It's a really personal way to keep those special moments close to you.

Absolutely not! Roman numeral tattoos look great on anyone. They can be super classy and meaningful for both men and women.

The forearm and wrist are popular spots, but honestly, you can get creative. Think of other places like your hand, collarbone, or even your ribs.

Definitely! Adding color can really make your tattoo pop. Whether you go for subtle shading or vibrant hues, it can add a unique touch to your ink.


On Your Side

This one could even be covered up by most bras, running tops, or swimsuits, if you wanted it to be.




Wedding (wrist)bands


On Your Neck


Behind Your Ear

I know these aren't Roman numerals, but I loved this idea!


A Cool Pattern


On Your Hip


On the inside of Your Arm


With a Key


On Your Shoulder


Choosing a Roman numeral tattoo on your shoulder gives you the luxury of flaunting it with sleeveless outfits or concealing it whenever you please. This spot is perfect for those who appreciate a touch of mystery and elegance. Whether it's a significant date or a number that holds personal value, having it etched over your shoulder adds a layer of sophistication and personal meaning that remains close to you. Plus, the curvature of the shoulder can enhance the tattoo's appearance, making it not just a statement, but a piece of art that complements your body's natural lines.








Incorporating your birthdate into a Roman numeral tattoo is an elegant way to celebrate the uniqueness of your existence. Each line and curve in the numbers can reflect the journey you've taken since the day you were born. Whether placed delicately on the wrist, or boldly along the collar bone, these numerals transcend time with their classic aesthetic. They hold a personal significance that is both mysterious to onlookers and deeply meaningful to you. It's a piece of art that not only adorns your body but also commemorates a singular moment in history—your very beginning.


Not Sure What This One Means...

... and I know these aren't Roman numerals either, but they're still great!


Wedding Date


More Wedding Dates


Wedding Date with Hearts ... or Infinity Symbols?


With a Bird


Courage over Fear

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I have one that takes up the inside of my arm. People compliment me all the time on it. It's for my grandma who passed away.

Most number tattoos mean something. Usually a death or birthday of someone who died. Especially the ones with the hearts.

Nice thanks

These are really neat , but makes me nervous about the numbers meaning something !


Number 16 concerns me a little, I seems a little concentration campish to me.

Also #16 is an example of that. It's birth and death dates of her parents. I follow her on IG. The first are death dates and age, the second is birthday. (52-07-15 2-5-12 and 53-03-03 25-4-3)

can anybody suggest me family inscriptions?🤔☺️

Sorry other way around :)

@Kassy: I agree. I would feel like a prisoner.

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