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What would we ever do without beauty bloggers?! There was a time when I didn't even know the basics of makeup, and even though I still can't claim to be an expert, I can at least achieve a decent smokey eye without looking like a raccoon. And that would not have been possible without watching hours of YouTube videos by some very talented and knowledgeable beauty bloggers. Here are some of my favorite Indian beauty bloggers!

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The best thing about Shreya is her passion for makeup and her "girl next door" charm which shines through in each one of her YouTube videos. I love how she constantly pushes the boundaries and doesn't think twice about trying bold looks. Shreya covers makeup tutorials, product reviews, GRWM videos, and even vlogs about her life every now and then. She was also the only Indian beauty blogger to be invited to the NYX Face Awards this year. Isn't that awesome?!


The ever-so-sweet and gorgeous Debasree is another Indian beauty blogger that you've got to follow both on Instagram and YouTube. From subtle, wearable looks, to edgy crease-cut and bold eyeshadow looks, to hair tutorials, and reviews, Debasree does it all!


Larissa's Instagram page is to die for! Besides being an incredible beauty blogger, Larissa is also the queen of adorable DIY projects and infectious energy!


Naina Ruhail's super power is that she can easily create and pull off both edgy as well as subtle looks. Her Insta page is full of beauty, travel, and fashion inspiration. Enjoy!


A is for awesome and A is for Anchal. If you love adventurous makeup artists, you're going to love Anchal's Insta and YouTube pages. She's such an inspiration! 💜


Ankita Srivastava aka Corallista is your go-to woman for gorgeous yet affordable looks which let's face it, is all a girl needs sometimes! She also reviews drugstore brands, posts about skincare, and recreates stunning Bollywood movie and red carpet looks.


Of course I saved the best for last. Whether you're Indian or not, I'm sure you've come across the AMAZING Kaushal at some point of your internet journey. She is a magician when it comes to makeup and her YouTube channel is a treasure house of looks for every season and occasion! Seriously, I could binge-watch her channel for hours on end...

Who are some of your fave Indian beauty bloggers?

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