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7 Interesting Things about Your Eyebrows ...

By Lauren

The next time you’re grooming or putting on makeup, stop to think about some interesting things about your eyebrows. Those little strips of hair above your eyes hide a few secrets. Can you imagine what those secrets are? Let’s find out. Join me in a short journey to discover some interesting things about your eyebrows.

1 They're like Wipers on Your Windscreen

You may spend hundreds of dollars on products to maintain your eyebrows and make you look glam. Interestingly, no one ever seems to stop to think exactly why they have these arched patches of hair above their eyes. For instance, one of the interesting things about your eyebrows is that they help keep moisture out of your eyes when you sweat or when it's raining. They are arched shape because they help divert moisture to the side of your face, keeping your peepers clear.

2 How Many Hairs?

Okay, so tell us how many hairs are there in your eyebrows? Not sure? Some studies have found that the average person has more than 250 hairs per eyebrow, but the number can go up to 1100 in never-plucked brows.

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3 Brows Have a Lifespan

From plucking to waxing to threading to filling them in, people try everything for attractive eyebrows. What they don't really know is that their brows have a lifespan. Obvious really, because it’s living, growing hair. Most experts believe that the average lifespan of an eyebrow is somewhere around four months – it is the time taken for each hair to fall and new one to take its place.

4 They Help with Facial Recognition

It is definitely one of the interesting things about your eyebrows that they help you identify faces. Research at MIT found that people found it difficult to correctly identify the faces of people they knew when they had a look at their images without their eyebrows.

5 People Have Always Been Beautifying Their Eyebrows

It shouldn't be a surprise, right? After all, your brows are part of the look you want to create. People have been plucking and trying different ways to define their brows since woman started to care about her appearance. Facial grooming was different in every culture and time period. For example, during the Renaissance, people in Florence used to shave their brows off completely and the Ancient Egyptians were known for their love of thick blackened brows.

6 They Are Voice-controlled

Your brows help you signal emotions, and interestingly, they are always on autopilot. Raise the pitch of your voice, and your eyebrows will respond in the same manner – even without your knowledge. Similarly, your eyebrows move differently when you make an expression without thinking. When feeling suspicious and curious about something, your eyebrows will furrow asymmetrically. Feeling 'surprised' reading all this? Go check your eyebrows!

7 They Give Humans an Edge

And following on from the previous point … while other mammals have brows too, one of the interesting things about your eyebrows is that they are always against bare skin. This helps immensely with making different expressions – your fellow men and women will find it easier to interpret your emotions, all thanks to your brows!

Did you know your eyebrows were so fascinating? Will you pay more attention to them now rather than just think about what shape you want them to be?

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