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Keep Your Feet Free from Stink and Sweat ...

By Eliza

Sweaty feet are just a part of summer when the weather gets hot. Sweat itself doesn’t smell bad, but when it mixes with the bacteria and germs in your shoes and on the ground (if you go barefoot), you can wind up with stinky feet. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer the humiliation it causes because there are lots of tried and true methods for keeping the problem at bay. Mix and match to find the combination that works best for you.

1 Put Deodorant on Your Feet before Your Shoes

It works on your armpits, so why not try it on your feet? If you’ve found a good product that keeps your underarms dry and fresh smelling, it stands within reason that it will work on your feet too. You might want to keep a separate stick for your feet, but you’ll love how it works when the temperature soars outside.

2 Sprinkle Baking Soda in Your Shoes after Removing Them

Baking soda works to soak up excess moisture and deodorize at the same time. By sprinkling a bit in your shoes, you can keep them fresh every time you slide them on. It only takes a dash. Don’t get too crazy or you might end up with clumps in your shoes.

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3 Use Odor-Control Insoles in Your Shoes

Special insoles are made that help keep the stench under control. All you have to do is slide them into your shoes and you’re set. They even come in various colors so you can match them to the shoe. Odor-controlling inserts are great for any kind of shoe, from sandals to stilettos.

4 Place Your Shoes in Zip Top Bags and Freeze Them

Sounds weird, I know, but the freezing cold temperatures can help kill the bacteria and germs that cause odor. Simply place each shoe in a sealed bag and place it in the freezer while you sleep. Remove them when you get up and you should notice a fresher smell. Do this as often as necessary to keep stink at bay.

5 Use Antimicrobial Soap when You Take a Shower

Antimicrobial soap helps kill germs and other junk that cause odor when your feet sweat. Use it each day when you shower and you should stop stink in its tracks, even if you do wind up sweating inside your shoes. Make sure to wash the tops and bottoms of your feet really well, in addition to getting in between each of your toes really well too.

6 Wear All Your Fabulous Shoes Instead of Putting on the Same Pair of Shoes All the Time

Instead of wearing the same pair every day, alternate your shoe choices so that you can give each of them a break. When you wear them day after day, it’s more likely that you’ll find your feet sweating and then starting to smell. This gives you a chance to have a varied shoe wardrobe so take advantage of it!

7 Put Your Shoes in the Washing Machine if You Can

Many kinds of shoes can survive a spin through the washing machine. The detergent and hot water can help kill germs and bacteria, leaving you with a cleaner and fresher smell pair of shoes. Read the care labels to determine if your shoes can go in the washer. If not, a swipe of the inside with a disinfectant wipe can also help.

How do you make sure your feet don’t stink when they sweat? Will you try any of these great ideas?

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