21 Kick Ass Quotes about Body Image ...

By Eliza

21 Kick Ass  Quotes about Body Image  ...

As girls, we all suffer from great body image sometimes and really poor body image other times. It's totally normal to hate how you look occasionally while loving how you look other times. For days when you are down on yourself, it can help to read quotes that remind you that you look fabulous, even when you don't think you do. Read through these on a bad day and you'll instantly feel better.

1 Inside a Star

2 Nothing Wrong

3 Love Oneself

4 Dress Size

5 Never Compare

6 Amazing Gift

7 Skin Deep

8 Self Acceptance

9 Who is Healthy?

10 Love What You Have

11 Stop Hurting Your Heart

12 Not Worthless

13 Love Yourself

14 Looking like Everyone else

15 True Beauty

16 The Mirror Lies

17 Being Happy

18 Your Soul

19 I Am Worthy

20 You Are Beautiful

21 Don't Change

Which quote changed how you feel today? What other quotes can you share?

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