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9 Legitimate Reasons to Avoid Fake Lashes ...

By Crystal

Falsies are great for fuller looking lashes, but there are still several legitimate reasons to avoid fake lashes. Celebrities make them look effortless. Of course, you never see the side effects either. It's not until you try them yourself that you discover they might not be as wonderful as they seem. These reasons to avoid fake lashes may have you reaching for your mascara instead.

1 Traps Dirt and Bacteria

Your real lashes are designed to shield your eyes. They naturally filter out dirt and bacteria. One of the biggest reasons to avoid fake lashes is the nasty build up they cause. The extra thickness and glue actually trap dirt and bacteria against your eyelid. Basically, the fake lashes undermine the purpose of your real lashes. The results are often nasty eye infections.

2 Weakens the Eyelid

Even the lightest weight fake lashes add extra weight to your eyelid. If you only wear them temporarily, you might not notice any problems. Wear them for long periods of time and you'll likely feel a heaviness. Over time, this actually weakens the eyelid. Instead of looking stunning, the weakened lid makes you look tired. Plus, you'll have a harder time wearing falsies in the future.


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3 Allergic Reaction

Many fake lashes use toxic adhesives. While that may not seem like a bad thing, many women have allergic reactions. From severe watery eyes to itchy, red eyes, the reaction may be minor or highly severe. This is especially true with formaldehyde based glues. You can avoid this problem by using non-toxic glues and solvents.

4 Temporary Lash Loss

For me, this defeats the purpose of falsies. Temporary hair loss is actually a common problem. While it's typically seen with heavier lashes, toxic chemicals or incorrect use, it's still an issue. When you're trying to remove the lashes, some of your natural lashes are removed as well. If you already have thin lashes, you don't want to lose any more. If you're new to falsies, you might want to have a professional show you what to do to help prevent this problem.

5 Extra Brown Pigmentation

Though rare, regular use of fake lashes can actually cause your iris to darken. The chemicals used in the glue and solvent react with your eye. The result is extra brown pigmentation in your iris. Unlike some of the other items on this list, this reaction is permanent. If you notice your iris darkening, stop using falsies immediately to prevent further change.

6 Permanent Lash Loss

Temporary loss of lashes is bad enough. What if your lashes never regrow? The more often you use fake lashes, the more damage you could do to your real lashes. Traction Alopecia is a real side effect and can mean permanent loss of your lashes. Depending on the severity, you could permanently lose part or all of your lashes. To help avoid this, wear falsies sparingly and stop use if you notice any lash loss.

7 Blindness

Severe allergic reactions or eye infections from excess bacteria can result in blindness. This is probably the most extreme reason on the list, but it's still a possibility. Many women try different types of lashes, glues and solvents for a few hours at a time to determine any sensitivities. They also thoroughly clean the area and fake lashes to help eliminate as much dirt as possible. Both of these could easily prevent blindness.

8 Glue in Your Eyes

No one applies fake lashes perfectly the first few times. Odds are, you'll likely get glue in your eyes. Not only will no one notice your new full lashes, but you'll spend the day with bloodshot eyes. Depending on your sensitivity to the glue itself, you could even get an eye infection. Wash your eye out with water immediately if you get glue in it. If this is a common problem for you, go to a salon instead.

9 Falling Lashes

I'm not just talking about the embarrassment that comes when your fake lashes suddenly fall off. When the lashes fall off, they can damage the eye itself. The adhesive and the lashes often rub against the eye as they fall. Dirt from the lashes is immediately transferred to the eye. Plus, any resulting cuts may easily become infected. Either way, it's not a fun experience.

While fake lashes aren't necessarily bad, they do have their risks. To avoid the issues above, only wear falsies on special occasions. You should also consider using high quality lashes designed for sensitive skin, and lash strengtheners. What are your experiences with wearing fake lashes?

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