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10 Life-Changing Beauty Products for Girls Who Are Lazy AF ...

By Alicia

Whether you’re a girl that’s always lazy when it comes to beauty or you just have an occasional lazy moment, these’re beauty products you need to know about. They’re great for days you’re in a hurry or just don’t have the energy. Beauty can be fun but it can also be a lot of work. Enjoy these beauty products that require less effort.

1 Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste, brown, hair coloring, Instant, hair,$8.25 at
Besides being a product that breathes new life into dirty hair, it’s also great because it allows you to be lazy. Put hair washing day off till tomorrow! Dry shampoo extends your hair style and also adds lovely texture. Batiste is an especially great choice in dry shampoo because it’s economical and comes in shades specific to your hair color.

2 Nails Inc Spray on Nail Polish

diagram, magenta, lip, WEST, END,$12.00 at
Manicures are beautiful but SO time consuming. Who has time for all those coats and steps? Simply spray on and wash the excess away. You’ve got an amazing manicure without spending hours doing your nails and waiting for them to dry. Nails Inc Spray On Nail Polish comes in several different colors so you’re sure to find one you love.


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3 Olay Quench in-shower Moisturizer

Olay, lotion, skin, cosmetics, body wash,$11.14 at
Body lotion offers your body softness and scent in one step. But that one step can be frustratingly time consuming. You have to apply it, rub it in and then worst of all, wait till it dries or suffer from sticky clothes which’s something no one wants! Eliminate that hassle and still get the benefits by using Olay Quench In-shower Moisturizer. Apply in the shower, towel off the excess and move on with your day.

4 Nars the Multiple Stick

NARS Cosmetics, lipstick, lip, cosmetics, skin,$39.00 at
All-in-one products are a lazy girl’s best friend. And this one is the most elite of all all-in-one products. The Multiple can be used for highlight, contour, color on the eyes, cheeks and lips as well as on the body. It comes in 12 gorgeous shades, including the very famous Nars Orgasm. Treat yourself and pick up this product today.

5 L’Oreal Root Cover up

L'Oréal, lotion, skin, lip, deodorant,$8.99 at
Who wants to spend time in the hairdresser’s chair more often than they have to? Stretch your time in between appointments longer with this lazy way to cover up your roots. It can also help you out if money’s a little tight and you need to do something till you can get in at your favorite salon. L’Oreal Root Cover up comes in various shades to match your unique hair color.

6 Rimmel Volume Colorist Mascara

eye, eyebrow, cosmetics, organ, lip,$8.99 at
I love the idea of this product for lazy girls. The idea is that you use this mascara and it gradually tints your lashes so you eventually don’t need mascara. For someone with blonde or light colored lashes, this’s a miracle product! Saving time for a long time to come is a great advantage of this product. It’s also very economical at $8.99.

7 Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes

Simple Skincare, bedding, textile, cob, NEW,$5.97 at
I think this particular temptation to be lazy hits every girl from time to time. Sometimes it’s so hard to go wash your makeup off at bedtime. You’re exhausted and you just can’t drag yourself to the bathroom. For those times, reach for one of these wipes to cleanse your face while you’re actually in bed. They’re amazing quality, around five bucks and safe for sensitive skin. You’ll fall in love with these babies!

8 Tinted Moisturizer

skin, product, lotion, cream, hand,$6.00 at
Too lazy for moisturizer and bronzer? This 2-in-1 product allows you to get that glow you crave while also hydrating the skin on your face. It's as easy as swiping it on in the morning and you're good to go. This product is also packed with nutrients that keep your skin healthy and fresh and you'll love the affordable price.

9 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

product, lotion,$12.93 at
If you're sick of all the time it takes to wash your hair, you'll love all the time you can save by using this product, which is both a shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. You can use it every day for a fresh clean and a smooth finish that gives you the best hair on the block. Here's to a good hair day, every day!

10 Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Stick

product, skin, lotion, hand, cream,$13.08 at
Here's something that really can do it all. This fantastic stick acts as a concealer, foundation and touch up stick. That means you can use for just about any need you have to cover blemishes and smooth your complexion. This is definitely something you're never going to want to be stuck without.

These 10 products are great products for lazy girls. What’re your go-to products when you’re feeling lazy? I love learning from you!

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