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How Visiting Your Nearest Beauty Counter Can Change Your Life ...

By Eliza

I don’t often visit a beauty counter, but I sure wish I had the time and funds to do so. It might be a bit of a splurge to see what they have to offer, but sometimes you don’t have to buy anything to still benefit from the expertise you can find there. I personally am partial to the ones at Macy’s, but if you want to visit a beauty counter, any department store is sure to work.

1 Education

One of the most valuable reasons to visit a beauty counter is the plethora of great information the girls will give you. They are well versed in all things beauty and can answer your questions, no matter what they are. And answers are always free. If you want to learn more and fill your make-up bag, the salespeople can also help you find the right stuff for you. You’ll never be sorry you learned something new.

2 Samples

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Getting something for nothing is definitely one of my favorite things. If you feel the same way, the beauty counter is a great place to score some freebies. You might have to shell out a few bucks to qualify for the free stuff, but sometimes you can get samples to try without having to buy anything. You never know what you might get and love, so be open to what they offer.

3 A Makeover

Sometimes it’s free and other times it costs a few bucks. Either way, the girls at the make-up counter are often willing to give you a makeover. This is a fun activity to try with your friends, but you can even go in on the day of a big event. Besides the mega awesome look you’ll walk away with, you can also get some tips and tricks for reproducing the look on your own at home.

4 Cleanliness

Many places that sell make-up put out samples you can try in the store. However, many of them are disgusting and crawling with bacteria because no one is monitoring to be sure they are used properly. Because make-up counters are small and contained, the girls that work there can keep their eye on the products set out for you to try so they stay sanitary and can be tossed if they are compromised. That’s good enough for me!

5 Skincare

Surprise! The beauty counter is great for more than just make-up. Most of the girls are experts on skincare too. In fact, not only will they give you skincare advice, but you can also buy loads of different products that are designed for your skin type. That includes cleansers, toners, facial creams and specialty products.

6 Variety

Sure, your local drugstore has aisles of make-up products, but many of them are simply the same item in different colors. At the beauty counter, you can find a wide range of different items that do different things. You can sometimes special order stuff that isn’t in stock. What could be better than that?

7 Affordability

You can definitely clean out your bank account at the beauty counter, but you don’t have to. There are plenty of products that don’t break the bank. You can score make-up and skincare items that are effective and beautiful at reasonable prices. You won’t be sorry!

Do you visit the beauty counter? Which one is your favorite?

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