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Cool Life Hacks for Curvy Girls ...

By Carly

Do you need some life hacks for curvy girls? Once upon a time, every single trend in fashion and beauty leaned toward the belief that being stick thin and flat as a board was the most desirable body shape for a woman to have, but we all know that this simply isn’t the case anymore! I am happy to report that 2018 is a much more progressive era in terms of what is hot and what is not, and people are starting to see that beauty can come in all shapes and sizes!

If you are a size 0, you are beautiful, if you are a size 10, you are beautiful, if you are plus size, then you are beautiful too! The trend of curviness being more and more desirable is something that has risen in direct correlation with the fame and success of superstars like Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and, of course, the queen bee herself Beyoncé! These glamazonian women have helped to show all of us that if you have a voluptuous body, under no circumstances should you hide it or be ashamed of it.

If you are a curvy girl yourself but have yet to find ways to be confident with your body, then it can often help to do a little research and find inspiration from other curvy ladies out there. It just so happens that you are in luck, as featured below is a video that details a few really clever and helpful life hacks for curvy girls that will help you to live your best curvy girl life. Enjoy!

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