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Lifesaving Shaping Tips for Girls with Thin Eyebrows ...

By Jessica

For us 90's gals, over-plucking and ultra thin brows were all the rage! Now, brows are bigger and bolder than ever and for some of us that means figuring out how to shape and fill our thin brows so they look perfectly natural and on point! Even if your natural eyebrows are sparse, there are numerous ways to make them appear thicker and bolder! Scroll down for a few tips on shaping them to perfection. 🙌🏻

1 Grow Them out 👀

If you want fuller brows, the first thing you need to do is put down the tweezers and grow them out! They may have that awkward in-between stage, but you want them to reach their full potential in length and thickness before getting them shaped! Which brings us to the next point...

2 Get Them Professionally Shaped 💁🏻

It may be tempting to shape your brows yourself, but if you want to grow them out and have them look their best (and fullest), get them professionally shaped! There's threading, waxing, standard tweezing, and other methods to choose from!


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3 Use a Brow Filler 🖌

I didn't realize I needed to fill in my brows until a couple years ago when I discovered brow fillers! Then, everything changed! I really love brow gels that can be applied with an angled brush and I find this method to be most precise and natural! Others swear by pencils, using fine feather-like strokes that mimic natural hair. Whatever your method of choice is, brow fillers make an enormous difference in the overall shape and fullness of your brows (and your entire look!).

4 Try a Fiber-infused Brow Mascara 🐼

Once your brows are filled in, use a spoolie to lightly brush them out and soften the edges. I like to go back over my brows with a fiber-infused brow mascara. It adds so much volume in a really natural way! I will add that if you're only wanting to use one brow product, go for the fibrous brow mascara! It adds these tiny hair-like fibers that instantly create a fuller look. It also naturally sets the brows in place so they won't budge thought the day.

5 Only Tweeze Sparingly ✂️

Sometimes we get overzealous when it comes to tweezing and can make them too thin or the wrong shape! To avoid this, only pluck stray hairs when they arise and compromise shape. Then go in for your professional brow shaping appointment. If that's not something you want to spend money on, then learn how to shape them yourself using YouTube or advice from friends!

6 Try Caster Oil for Growth!💧

Caster oil is known for stimulating hair growth so why not try it for your brows? At the very least they will be softer and the skin moisturized. But it is believed that caster oil is effective in stimulating hair to grow back thicker and faster than normal. You can even try it on your lashes and scalp!

7 There's Always Microblading 🔪

If your brows are sparse and light, or you just don't want to fuss with brow products every day, there's always the option of microblading. Microblading is a temporary tattoo of sorts, in which fine lines are inked into your brows, mimicking real hair. If it's something you can afford, it's definitely worth looking into!

In all honesty, the best tip for shaping thin eyebrows (or any brows in general) is to use your natural shape and just use products and techniques to enhance them. Making them too bold when your's are naturally thin will just look unnatural and overwhelming! Use the above tips for shaping them and you'll be all set with Instagram-worthy brows! 💖💖💖

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