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10 Lip Products ๐Ÿ’„ to Take Your Lips ๐Ÿ’‹ from Winter โ„๏ธ๏ธ to Spring ๐ŸŒป ...

Spring is here, or at least knocking on the door, so Iโ€™ve compiled a list of 10 lip products to take your lips from winter to spring. Itโ€™s basically a smattering of fabulous lip balms drenched in bright color and smile inducing scents. So take a look at these 10 lip products to take your lips from winter to spring. Kittens, this might just be your easiest spring beauty revival.

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1. EOS Lip Balm

$5.50 at
Letโ€™s start my list of 10 lip products to take your lips from winter to spring with EOS lip balm. Iโ€™ve loved these guys since I heard of their invention my sophomore year of college. In fact, hereโ€™s a little story. I was SO excited for their invention, I pre-ordered a set of them and patiently waited their arrival from Amazon... for months. Then I finally called Amazon, and was informed that the order had to be cancelled due to a late release of the product, which started a multiple year adventure of successfully failing to to purchase the lip balm until this past fall. And now my Mr. Man calls it my "Miley Cyrus" lip balm (ugh). I will own this.

2. NYC Cosmetics - Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm

$3.00 at
Ahh, cheap beauty products that actually work! I randomly picked up one of these babies last spring and was not disappointed. There is enough moisture to keep your lips smooth and supple, while not settling into the lines of your lips. But it's also just enough moisture to keep a good color pay off without it wearing off easily. Itโ€™s like a super moisturizing lipstick with GREAT layer-ability. But the best part? Not only is it a fabulous product, but itโ€™s so cheap, you can stock up and never be without.

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3. Soap and Glory Great Kisser Lip Balm

$12.30 at
I used to use Soap and Glory when they were at Target. They started at the bottom, now theyโ€™re... at Sephora! And they seem to be pretty successful, as they keep releasing new products I see every time Iโ€™m on the site. Point in case - their new Great Kisser Lip Balm. This one is a little bit for winter, but with the winter weโ€™ve been having, I think the snow will last LONG into spring (le sigh). But then again, peppermint is for every season in my book. And your lips are totally going to need to pick me up after dealing with Jack Frost.

4. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

$23.90 at
I LOVE Freshโ€™s Sugar Lip Treatments! Me and this balm go way back. The flavor, the colors, the perfect amount of kissable moisture! Theyโ€™re pricey, but totally worth the splurge. They were totally the BEST birthday gift from Sephoraโ€™s Beauty Insider program (I know you agree). Theyโ€™re lightweight enough to transition into spring, but they still moisturize enough to know your money was well spent. Tester Tip - you canโ€™t go wrong with with the Rose when youโ€™re first trying it out; itโ€™s the perfect natural color for lips and cheeks.

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5. Sephora Color Reveal Lip Balm

$26.88 at
This is a nice product, which is also nicely priced as Sephoraโ€™s "inexpensive price for a specialty beauty product" price tag. It does lightly moisturize. However, there is a downfall. Because itโ€™s a product that produces color based on your bodyโ€™s natural pH, if yours isnโ€™t that high, you wonโ€™t get much color. I personally get a nice natural deep rose color. But you may get little to no color, making it basically a glorified lip balm. I recommend testing it out at Sephora when you first get to the mall, shop around, and then you back before you leave and see how it turned out (see kittens, I look out for you).

6. Rosebud Perfume CO. - Strawberry

$8.00 at
Who doesnโ€™t love the Rosebud Perfume Company? I love that these balms are total multitaskers, perfect for small purses. Now their Strawberry flavor isnโ€™t as great for other areas on the body as the original and minted, but it is perfect for kissing. Mr. Man gives them 2 thumbs up. Plus they give a nice light strawberry color to your lips (at least on me they do). Soft lips and fresh flavor - what more could you ask from a spring lip balm?

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7. Pacifica Color Quench Mineral Lip Tint

$9.00 at
First of all I am super-excited to try out these products. Second of all when did Pacifica leave Sephora and start selling at Target?! Either way, I canโ€˜t wait to try out these little tinted lip balms with their new cheaper price. Iโ€™m also hoping they taste like the fabulous scents they're known for (hello Blood Orange). Iโ€™ll let you know my verdict when I get my hands on these. But I think they may be the next HG in my beauty arsenal this spring.

8. Yes to Coconut Lip Balm

$2.83 at
You've heard that coconut is good for your skin, so it makes total sense that this lip balm is perfect for getting rid of chapped winter skin so your lips are ready for spring. Not only is this little gem super effective, but it's paraben free for all you ladies who want something a bit natural and better for you. If you love animals, it's also cruelty free. What more could a girl ask for?

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9. Naturistick Lip Balm

$9.99 at
This stuff has so many great things going for it! There are some tasty flavors to please any craving. That includes peppermint, pomegranate, vanilla and green tea. Each one promises to give you the most springy kissable lips in town. The lip balm contains 100% natural ingredients, which all of you ladies are going to love! Which flavor are you dying to tyr first?

10. Skin Food Lip Balm

$5.21 at
I can't get over how awesome this packaging is! You get to use the little applicator to slick on this delicious lip balm. Honey is one of the main ingredients (hence the honey pot it comes in), which nourishes winter lips and gets them ready for a spring of fun and smiles. This balm is perfect because it stays on for hours and gives you a shiny look that is ideal for work and play. Hooray!

So there you have it, kittens. 10 fabulous lip products to rev up that spring time feeling in your soul. Soon youโ€™ll be swinging from cherry trees singing sweet songs of warm sunshine. So what do you think of these products?

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