Look like an Instagram Model by Taking These Pics at the Beach ...


Look like an Instagram Model by Taking These Pics at the Beach ...
Look like an Instagram Model by Taking These Pics at the Beach ...

It always feels nice to get lots of likes on Instagram. When you go to the beach, your goal shouldn't be to impress your followers, but if you're going to take some pictures, you might as well take great ones. In order to look as photogenic as possible, here are a few photo ideas for your next trip to the beach:

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Taken While Doing Yoga

Taken While Doing Yoga You probably don't visit the beach in order to do yoga, but striking a pose will make for a gorgeous picture. It doesn't matter if you're flexible or not, because you'll only need to stay in the position for as long as it takes your friend to snap your photo.


Taken from the Back

Taken from the Back If you have a boyfriend, you should ask a stranger to take a picture of the two of you from behind. A photo of you holding hands while looking out at the ocean will be about as romantic as any picture could get. Of course, you could always increase the mushiness by kissing in the picture or letting him hold you in his arms.


Taken in the Water

Taken in the Water Since you don't want to ruin your phone by dropping it into the ocean, ask a friend to take a picture of you while you're in the water. You could stand ankle deep in it in order to show off your adorable bathing suit. You could turn away from the camera in order to show off your booty. You could even strike a pose like a Victoria's Secret model.


Taken with Props

Taken with Props If you're not feeling photogenic during your beach day, you can draw a heart in the sand and take a picture of it. If you have a cooler full of drinks, you could rest them in the sand and take a picture of that, too. It doesn't matter if there's an actual reason why you'd want to document the food you've taken with you. All that matters is the aesthetic.


Taken While Tanning

Taken While Tanning Ask a friend to take a picture of you while you're tanning, but act as if you don't know that they're holding the camera during it. If you can get the water in the background, it will make the photograph look even more appealing. Of course, if you're at the beach alone, you can just take a selfie of your legs or stomach while tanning.


Taken in the Air

Taken in the Air You can't go to the beach with a big group of friends without trying to take a picture while midair. It'll be difficult to pull off, but if you all manage to coordinate, you'll end up with a half-decent picture to post on Instagram.


Taken While Acting like a Kid

Taken While Acting like a Kid Your pictures don't all have to be serious. You can take a few goofy shots while you're sitting beside a sandcastle you built or while holding a shell you've found. If you act like a kid again, the camera will capture a special type of happiness that is rarely found in adults.

If you want to take photographs that'll get plenty of likes on social media, borrow these ideas. They're bound to impress everyone that follows you. Plus, you can print them out and hang them on your wall to remember the fun times you've had. How many pictures do you post on Instagram every week?

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