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Look Stunning in Strapless - 9 Tips to Get Rid of Underarm Darkness ...

By Holly

Wearing spaghetti sleeves or a strapless dress shouldn't be stressful. That means you need to make sure there isn't any darkness under your arms, so you're not self-conscious whenever you lift them. If you've been having trouble getting yourself all cleaned up, here are a few tips on how to get rid of underarm darkness:

1 Squeeze Some Fruit

There are plenty of homemade remedies that can get rid of that pesky underarm darkness. Grab a potato from your refrigerator, slice it open, and rub it under your arms. If you don't have any in the fridge, then you can substitute it with a cucumber or a lemon. If rubbing a slice on you seems too gross, then you can juice the fruits and apply that to your skin instead for about 10 minutes each.

2 Moisturize and Exfoliate Everywhere

Your face isn't the only place that you should moisturize and exfoliate. If your underarms are dark, it could be due to residue that's stuck in your pores. That's why you should moisturize twice a day, and don't forget to exfoliate, either!

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3 More and More Minerals

Your skin is impacted by the foods you put in your body. That's why you should try to add more vitamins and minerals to your diet. You could even take some supplements.

4 Swap Shaving for Waxing

If you usually shave, then you might want to try switching to waxing instead to avoid stubble. Plus, when you shave, it's much easier to miss a spot or two, especially beneath your arms. If you choose to wax instead, then there's less of a chance that you'll miss any hairs or get an ingrown one.

5 Whitening Products Work Wonders

There are plenty of different whitening products available at the store. Buy a few, try them out, and then stick to whichever one works for you. Every woman's skin is different, so it's difficult to determine what will work the best without testing it first.

6 Don't Skip Your Daily Washes

Even if you skip a day of showering, make sure to wash your underarms every single day. That way, you'll get rid of whatever is stuck there. If your underarm darkness isn't caused by stubble then it's most likely due to dead skin cells, so clean yourself off as often as you can.

7 Cotton Ball Cleanse

You know those cotton balls you use to remove your nail polish? Grab one and wet it with warm water. Now, all you have to do is put it under your arm for 10 minutes.

8 Say Goodbye to Deodorant

If you don't have a problem with body odor, there's no reason to wear deodorant, because it can actually cause dark underarms. If you need the product, then try switching the brand that you've been using and see if there's a change.

9 Drive to the Doctor

If none of these solutions work for you, then you should head to your doctor. Dark underarms can be one of the signs of diabetes, and you can never be too careful. Besides, your doctor may be able to give you advice for your particular situation or set up an appointment for laser treatment to destroy the pigment.

Use these tips so you're never afraid to wear sleeveless shirts again! Do you have any additional tips for dealing with dark underarms?

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