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Love Snapping Selfies Here's How to Become More Photogenic ...

By Alicia

If you’re like most of the world then you probably take selfies, at least on occasion. You probably also want your selfies to turn out good. These are some tips to help you make sure that happens. With these tips in mind, you’ll become more photogenic in your selfies.

1 Tilt Your Chin down Just a Bit

Looking at the camera straight on isn’t the best angle. Tilt your chin down just a bit instead. It’s a better angle for several reasons. It gives your features a more favorable appearance. It also helps hide a double chin.

2 Watch Your Posture

Your posture will show in selfies so be sure that you’re standing up straight. One way to do this is to pretend that you’re a puppet. Imagine that you have a string that’s pulling your back straight and your shoulders back. When you have good posture, you look slimmer as well as more confident. Those are both good reasons to check your posture before taking a selfie.

3 Check the Details

I always hate to take a good selfie and then notice that my scarf is crooked, a piece of hair is off or any other little detail that’s out of place. It’s like it ruins the whole picture. Instead of focusing on the picture, you’re noticing whatever detail is wrong. To prevent that, make sure that you carefully check all the details before you start taking selfies. It can save you a lot of frustration later.

4 Know Your Good Side

Most of us have a good side or a side that we feel more comfortable with. Photograph yourself from that angle. If you don’t know which side is your good side, do some experimenting. Take selfies from both sides and see which side you usually favor. It doesn’t take long to figure out the answer to this one.

5 Think Lips and Eyes

When you’re doing your makeup and you know that you’ll be taking selfies, be sure to keep these makeup tips for selfies in mind. You want to focus on your eyes and lips for the best selfie results. Give your brows some extra attention and make sure they’re well-defined. Don’t skimp on the mascara and choose a bright lipstick. I went back through my own selfies after learning this piece of advice and noticed that the selfies I love the most, as well as the ones my friends love the most, are the ones when my makeup followed these guidelines.

6 Relax

A lot of times, you tense up when you know you’re snapping a selfie. Refuse to do that. There’s no reason to be tense. It’s only you taking the picture and you can devote as much time as you need to in order to get a selfie that you love. Additionally, being relaxed usually results in having a beautiful, natural smile.

7 Be Patient with the Process

The last point to remember is that getting a good selfie takes time. Be patient with the process. It’s best to take selfies when you have time to snap more than one. You may not like the first one but the fourth or fifth one may be just what you want. Give yourself time to get it exactly right.

These are some things you can do to be more photogenic in your selfies. Do you have any tips to share? I’d love to learn them!

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