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8 Lovely Ways to Be More Ladylike ...

By Alison

Being more ladylike doesn´t mean wearing white gloves and never venturing an opinion. If you feel you always look a bit of a mess and want to change your image, being more ladylike is about attention to details. You don´t have to make the same effort every day, but it´ll make you feel good when you do. So here are some lovely ways to be more ladylike …

1 Neat Hair

You can´t possibly look ladylike if your hair looks like a bird has just set up residence in it! Most of us look a mess first thing in the morning, but if your hair always looks like that, then choose a style that you can easily maintain, and get some products to keep it under control.

2 Polished Shoes

As I´ve mentioned, being more ladylike requires attention to details. When was the last time you cleaned your shoes? No lady would go out with muddy or scuffed shoes, so clean them regularly and don't forget the soles. Also, get them repaired as soon as they need it.

3 Press Clothes

Ironing is a tedious chore, but you can´t possibly look ladylike if your clothes are crumpled. So if you have outfits that need pressing, always run the iron over them before hanging them up. That way, when you want to wear them, they´ll be smart and ready to put on.

4 Manicured Nails

Nibbled nails and tatty polish are definitely not a good look. Always keep your nails neatly filed – a short length is more practical and less likely to break. As soon as your polish starts to chip, remove it and apply a new coat – touching up chips will not look as good.

5 Practice in Heels

Are you about as elegant as a baby elephant when you wear heels? A ladylike look does require heels, although they don´t have to be high (in fact, really high heels can spoil the look). So if you´re not too comfortable with walking in heels, practice – it will become easier!

6 Immaculate Makeup

If your aim is being more ladylike, your makeup needs to look immaculate. So apply it carefully, and make any necessary repairs during the day. It´s also best to avoid complicated makeup and bright colours – a lady keeps it simple and elegant.

7 Moisturize

Unfortunately, flaky, dry or red skin doesn´t really make for a ladylike look. So if your skin needs hydration (more common in winter), apply moisturizer all over. Your body needs it as well, especially the hands, which are more exposed to the air (but a lady should wear gloves as well to protect her hands).

8 Posture

Good posture not only helps you appear more ladylike, it´s also better for your body. Look at yourself in the mirror – do you slump your shoulders or have a lopsided posture? Straightening up is one of the quickest ways to be more ladylike – you will instantly look more elegant and smarter.

There are lots of ways to be more ladylike without turning into a Stepford Wife! Of course, we all have days when we just want to be relaxed and wear casual clothing, but being more ladylike can be very enjoyable! Do you enjoy dressing up, or do you always adopt a casual look?

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