7 Luxury Lip Balms That Are Worth the Money ...

I’m a huge fan of lip balms, and while I’ve always wanted to try the high-end, luxury lip balms, I could never justify paying the high price tag! I did some research on these lavish, designer lip balms that I keep seeing and dug up info on them. If you’re also thinking about trying out one of these babies but are unsure whether you should take the plunge, check out this list of seven luxury lip balms that are worth the money!

1. Sisley-Paris Confort Creme Lip Balm

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Luxury lip balms don’t just moisturize your lips, they’re also a decadent treatment for our pucker! Sisley’s Confort Crème is described as an emergency treatment for the lips. At $75, you would expect it to do hundreds of things, right?! Well, this balm is said to relieve discomfort, rehydrate, repair and form a protective barrier to protect lips from the environment!

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