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Use These on Point Infographics to Make Better Beauty Decisions ...

By Neecey

You make a lot of decisions that involve your face shape - even though you probably do it unconsciously. Makeup application, haircut and style, glasses and hats all involve face shape. With the help of these face shape infographics, making those decisions becomes a lot easier.

Table of contents:

  1. What's your face shape?
  2. How to work out your own face shape
  3. How to pick glasses for your face shape
  4. How to shape your eyebrows for your face shape
  5. Find the best earrings for your face shape
  6. Guide to creative contouring for all face shapes
  7. What hairstyle will suit your face shape?
  8. Another haircut vs face shape
  9. How to apply blush for your face shape
  10. Which bangs are right for you?
  11. The best pixie cut for your face shape
  12. Sunglasses guide for face shapes
  13. The best hat for your face shape

1 What's Your Face Shape?

Source: Do You Know Your Face

The major face shapes.

2 How to Work out Your Own Face Shape

Source: Know your Face Type

And here's how to work out your own face shape.

3 How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape


This will give you a good idea for your visit to the optician.

4 How to Shape Your Eyebrows for Your Face Shape

Source: How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Are you ready to get your brows on fleek?

5 Find the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

Source: Find Earrings for Your Face

I've never given face shape/earrings a thought before now - have you?

6 Guide to Creative Contouring for All Face Shapes

Source: Guide to creative contouring for

Love makeup - love this handy guide!

7 What Hairstyle Will Suit Your Face Shape?

Source: Beauty Infographics That Will Teach

8 Another Haircut Vs Face Shape

Source: The Best Haircut For Your

I've included this one as well as the previous because I like the inclusion of the "worst" cut and also it features real faces.

9 How to Apply Blush for Your Face Shape

Source: glo Beauty Blog Makeup How-to's

I like the expert tips in this infographic.

10 Which Bangs Are Right for You?

Source: 15 Helpful Hair Charts For

Undecided? This useful chart will come in useful.

11 The Best Pixie Cut for Your Face Shape

Source: The best pixie cut for

If you're opting for a pixie cut, you want it to be as cute and stylish as it can be.

12 Sunglasses Guide for Face Shapes

Source: Do Your Sunglasses Fit Your

A girl should never be without a fabulous pair of sunnies.

13 The Best Hat for Your Face Shape

Source: Yes, you can rock a

A hat can be an intimidating accessory - one that suits your shape face is sure to be a winner

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