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7 Methods for Covering up Your Tattoos at Work ...

By Holly

You should be proud of all of your tattoos. They're little ways to show off your personality and your artsy side. Unfortunately, some employers still frown upon ink, so you might have to cover up all of your gorgeous designs during your day job. If you're not allowed to show off your tats at work, here are a few methods for covering them up so you don't lose your job:

1 Get Candy's Glamoflauge Concealer

You can buy Candy's Glmoflauge concealer for only six dollars at Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it fails at doing its job. Once you find the right shade for your skin color, this product does an excellent job of covering up your ink. Sure, you could try using regular concealer that you already have in your home, but Candy's Glamoflauge Concealer is made specifically for covering up tattoos.

2 Buy Tattoo Cover up Sleeves

If you have tattoos down your arms, you can wear long-sleeved shirts to work. If you have to wear a certain work shirt that happens to be short-sleeved, then you can buy a tattoo cover up sleeve. Some of them come in black or white, so they'll just look like you're wearing an undershirt. Others will try to match the color of your skin, so it won't look like you're wearing anything at all. Try searching for them on

3 Cover Them with Your Hair

If you have a tattoo on the back of your neck, you're going to have to keep your hair down at work. If you have one behind your ear, the same rule applies. If you want to keep a job that prohibits tattoos, then you need to keep your hair long enough to cover up all of your ink. Once you quit, you can go for that haircut you've been dreaming about.

4 Use Your Accessories

If tattoos are frowned upon, but jewelry is A-okay, you should use thick bracelets and rings to cover up your tattoos. If you have one across your wrist, you could even put on a wristwatch, which employers can't complain about. After all, it's better that you check the time on a watch than on your phone.

5 Place a Bandaid over It

Bandaids should be your last resort, because they can look a little silly. However, if you have a small tattoo on your hands or on your chest, you can place a bandaid over it for a quick fix. You can do the same with whatever piercings you have.

6 Try Dermablend Leg and Body Cover

You can buy Dermablend Leg and Body Cover for only $31 at Whether you want to cover up a tattoo, spider veins, or pimples, this product will do the job. It's the perfect way to camouflage your skin.

7 Use Foundation and Hairspray

If you don't have the time to head to the store for new products, you can use the foundation you usually use on your face. After you apply a decent amount to your tattoo, spray it with hairspray in order to keep the product in place for the day.

Your tattoos deserve to be seen by the world, but if you want a paycheck, you might have to cover them up for a few hours on weekdays. What method do you use for covering up your tattoos?

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