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Minty Products to Pep up Your Beauty Routine ...

By Eliza

Research shows that taking a whiff of something minty can wake you up, which is why experts suggest sniffing peppermint in the afternoon when you're energy is flagging. By adding minty beauty products to your routine, you get the benefits of the mint while also boosting your appearance. If there's something I love, it's definitely a product that does double duty. If you feel the same, you need one (or all) of these minty things.

Table of contents:

  1. Minty sea salt lip balm
  2. Exfoliating body wash
  3. Bath oil
  4. Cooling bar soap
  5. Mint body lotion
  6. Eau de toilette
  7. Lip maximizer
  8. Anti-frizz cream
  9. Artisan soap
  10. Hydrating body butter
  11. Lavender mint body wash
  12. Moisturizing hand cream
  13. Minty shea butter soap
  14. Bubble bath
  15. Hair souffle
  16. Body polisher
  17. Chocolate mint nail polish remover
  18. Moisturizing shampoo
  19. Dry shampoo
  20. Liquid hand soap
  21. Body souffle

1 Minty Sea Salt Lip Balm
With a hint of minty goodness, this lip balm is the perfect choice.

2 Exfoliating Body Wash
This minty body scrub gently exfoliates and leaves you smelling great.

3 Bath Oil
The wild mint in this body oil is surprising and refreshing.

4 Cooling Bar Soap
Super hydrating and fresh smelling, this soap is the perfect combination of mint and strawberries.

5 Mint Body Lotion
You will love this so much you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

6 Eau De Toilette
This perfume has an unexpected hint of mint that you are going to adore.

7 Lip Maximizer
In addition to its wonderful minty vanilla scent, this product helps anti-age your lips and keep them soft and smooth.

8 Anti-frizz Cream
Keep your hair in place all day long while also getting to smell mint as you go about your daily tasks. Perfect!

9 Artisan Soap
This minty smelling bar of soap is made with coconut oil and shea butter so it's great for your skin.

10 Hydrating Body Butter
Eucalyptus and mint makes this body butter ultra refreshing.

11 Lavender Mint Body Wash
The mixture of mint and lavender are perfect together. You are going to love this!

12 Moisturizing Hand Cream
In addition to the lovely minty rosemary scent of this lotion, part of the proceeds also go to support breast cancer research.

13 Minty Shea Butter Soap
You are going to love this super yummy smelling bar of soap.

14 Bubble Bath
Your bubble bath will never be better than it is with this minty bubble bath.

15 Hair Souffle
Use this minty grapefruit smelling hair souffle to get the great volume you want in your hair.

16 Body Polisher
Stimulate your senses with eucalyptus and mint and polish your entire body at the same time.

17 Chocolate Mint Nail Polish Remover
Removing your nail polish has never smelled so wonderful.

18 Moisturizing Shampoo
Here's the perfect way to clean your hair and refresh your senses at the same time.

19 Dry Shampoo
No time to suds up? Use this citrus mint dry shampoo to get the job done instead.

20 Liquid Hand Soap
Get ready for a great clean and an even better scent!

21 Body Souffle
Use this minty body souffle to get soft, smooth and radiant skin all over your body.

Which one are you dying to try?

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