7 Mood Changing Beauty Products ...

Sometimes science can be seriously cool, which is why I have compiled a list of 7 mood changing beauty products to prove it. No longer found just in cheap sets for kids, you can find some seriously wicked cosmetics that may actually make your life easier. So check out 7 mood changing beauty products, and just try not to get excited over your next beauty experiment.

1. Del Sol Nail Polish

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I start my list of 7 mood changing beauty products with Del Sol’s Color Change Nail polish. Now technically it changes color with the sun, but seeing as it piqued my interest in color changing beauty products, it counts. I bought this while on a cruise with Mr. Man, and the Peek-a-Boo was the top advertised product. They call it "revenge in a bottle" because it goes on clear and in the sun it comes out hot red. Your man will never know you snuck it on his toes. You can now see why Mr. Man gets nervous when the clear nail polish bottles come out.

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