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7 Most Flattering Colors for Olive Toned Skin ...

By Adriana

As a Hispanic, I am constantly having trouble finding information on flattering colors for olive toned skin. I came across the amazing book by Revlon called Unforgettable Color at my library and I decided to give it a read and see what I learned. The book was full of advice and tips, and I can’t help but feel prettier now with all their advice I've started to follow. Here's a summary of all that I learned about flattering colors for olive toned skin.

1 Brown-Reds

With their deep brown-tinted shades, dark berries and rich chocolate hues make up these reds. With warm, strong tones, they're at the top of any list of colors for olive toned skin. Olive complexions look fantastic with dramatic red lips. Black liquid eyeliner can complete the look. Red says "look at me," so if you want to get noticed, wear red, especially on your lips – everyone will pay attention to what you say.

2 Coral

Olive-skinned women look great in bright corals mixed with orange-accented metallics, such as bronze or copper. Orange denotes warmth and wholesomeness, and it has a broad appeal. It says you are willing to take chances, so it is a good color to wear when you are meeting new people. It also happens to be very on-trend right now!

3 Yellow and Gold

Those with olive skin should use dark yellows with extra gold and brown undertones to avoid looking washed out. Yellow eye shadow is so underrated and gold is so flattering, from dusting of shimmery highlights to a rich body lotion subtly flecked with gold. Because yellow is the ultimate statement of cheer, it is the perfect antidote for a drab winter day. Pick warm buttery shades, or else try yellows that remind you of harvest sunsets and the burnt yellow leaves of autumn.

4 Blue and Green

Women with olive skin can look sickly with the wrong shade of green, so choose wisely. Avoid the medium blues, using blues with a light tonal value or deep rich tone. Your best bet is to try various hues of green and blue in different light, to see what flatters your individual coloring.

5 Purple and Lilac

Purple is sexy, sultry, and sophisticated at the same time as being regal and grand. Yellow is the complementary color to purple, so those will sallow undertones look good in shades of lilac. Makeup tip: try contouring dark purple eye shadows in the crease of your eyelids and highlighting with lighter purples on the brow bone.

6 Pink

Those with olive skin should use icy and frosted shades of pink rather than reddish pinks. Pink makes you feel pretty. It just might depend on which shade does the trick, though. Magenta and fuchsia work best after dark and on women with strong coloring. Warmer skins can use yellower pinks like salmon and pimento in the fall.

7 Neutral

Neutral makeup will never let you down. These colors aren’t all about matter browns and beiges; they also include gorgeous earthly hues and tints, from terracotta, almond, and burnt sienna to mocha, marshmallow, and tawny rose. I’m suddenly craving Starbucks, aren’t you?

Are you looking for your red lipsticks yet? I know I am! I hope you enjoyed the advice but don’t forget that if you love that blue dress then go ahead a wear it! These tips aren’t the law so love what you wear and just be confident! What do you think?

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