Mother-Daughter 💗 Tattoos That'll Create a Lifelong 🌎 Bond 🔒 ...

You know it's dangerous to get a matching tattoo with a boy, because you might break up. However, there's nothing wrong with getting one with your mother, because she'll always be a huge part of your life. That's why you should take a look at these adorable mother-daughter tattoos that Good Housekeeping found:

1. Wherever You Go...

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These tattoos are slightly different, which is what makes them look so beautiful side by side.

2. Handwritten

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What's better than having your mother's own handwriting tattooed onto your body?

3. Keys

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Now these are pretty adorable, don't you think?

4. Phone Call

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This tattoo will remind you to keep in touch with your mother.

5. My Only Sunshine

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If you have a special song that you listen to together, you can get the lyrics tattooed onto yourselves.

6. Everlasting

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This is the simplest way to describe your relationship with your mother.

7. I Am

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You don't have to get your tattoos in the same location in order for them to match.

Would you ever get a matching tattoo with your mother?

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