7 Multipurpose Beauty Products to save You Time ...


7 Multipurpose Beauty Products to save You Time ...
7 Multipurpose Beauty Products to save You Time ...

I LOVE multipurpose beauty products. That’s not to say that I’m doubling up my face cream as shampoo or using lipgloss as hair gel, though! These days, everybody wants to look good without too much effort, or needing to spend too much time. Want a few extra minutes in bed? Here are the multipurpose beauty products you need!

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Nail Polish and Remover

This is amazing. I’m always throwing a bottle of nail polish in my bag to decorate my nails later, but I never remember to remove the old polish first. The solution? This great Duality polish, my favorite of all the multipurpose beauty products. The top of the bottle contains a gorgeous nail polish. The bottom contains a tiny nail file, and soft pads soaked in nail varnish remover. Genius.


Lips and Cheeks

Okay, so most lip colors state that they can be used on cheeks, but have you ever tried smooshing a lipstick into your face? It’s not pretty. The answer? Josie Maran magic markers are a world of their own. A tiny bit dabbed onto the cheek and blended gives a sheer rosy glow that can’t be beaten, and it’s easy to draw onto your lips, too. There’s eight great shades, and it really does last all day…Amazing.


BB Creams

So these have had mixed reviews so far, but if you use them for their intended purpose, they work fine. Spot corrector, serum, moisturizer, primer and foundation, all in one tube, will cut minutes from your getting-ready time. BB cream is designed to be matched to your skin tone for best results, and if you find it doesn’t offer enough coverage, opt for a CC cream instead. These include pigment to hide dark spots, and a glucosamine to treat hyperpigmentation. It’s a handbag essential.



Are you using Moroccan oils yet? They were a huge hit for hair last year, being credited with everything from shinier locks to faster hair growth, and the craze is set to continue. Hera Argan oil is another oil everyone will fall in love with, combining Moroccan oil with apricot, olive and grapeseed oils and Parsol SLX. In short, it’ll moisturize your hair and body, and offer sun protection too. It’s well worth the price.


Lift and Texturize!

Does your hair take an age in the morning? I don’t know anyone who achieves that salon look at home without spending ages in front of a mirror, armed with a variety of products. A texture and volume spray is a great alternative, as odd as it sounds – just spritz it in and you’ve got tousled waves that suit any occasion. I love Oscar Blandi, but there are plenty of versions, so you are sure to find one that suits your hair.


Day to Night

Tired of having to re-do your look at 6pm, after work but before play? It can take forever, and it usually means carrying around a whole variety of make up to create a different look. Instead, invest in a double lipstick. NYC City Duet lipsticks hold two opposing shades – one soft for the day, one bold for the night, and makes changing your look easy. Just add a slick of mascara, and you’re ready!


Balms and Creams

On-the-go beauty usually comprises of two main items – a hand cream, for when your hands really need TLC, and a lip balm, to keep your lips from that cracked-and-ill look. Save time and space with Bebe Duette Luxe Lips Framboise and Hand Crème. The cute French bottle contains hand cream, a mirror, and a pot of lip balm. Genius.

Have you found any clever multipurpose beauty products? It seems that there are plenty of items we could be using to bank extra sleep, save handbag space or just reduce stress, but most are kept a big secret. Let me know your time-saving strategies!

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Eyeshadow, when wet, can be used as a pressed sort of blush, lip stick, or foundation.

Very cool going to have to share on twitter as well!

In the winter*

Neeeeeeed for school touch ups

My go to oil is coconut. Eat it and use over your entire body. Evens skin tone, absorbs nicely, natural sunscreen, smells amazing, clears acne, great for hair antibacterial antimicrobial good for lubricant great for lips great for healthy fat in some green tea... never ending list

Bag balm is an essential for me because my skin tends to get really dry especially in thevsinter. I get a big tub then scoop out some in small jars

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