7 Multitasking at Home Spa Treatments ...

When youโ€™re going the budget-friendly route, multitasking spa treatments are ideal, which is why I've written a list of multitasking at home spa treatments. You shouldnโ€™t have to sacrifice "you time" when saving money. So check out my list of 7 multitasking at home spa treatments, to get your next "you time" from ahh to spa.

1. Dead Sea Mud

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You can never go wrong with Dead Sea Mud. PURE Dead Sea Mud, not those crappy discount brand tubes mixed with other "special" ingredients. Dead Sea Mud contains a wide variety of healthy minerals designed to purify your skin, as well as heal and protect it from aging elements and acne. Now thatโ€™s a pretty cool product, which is why it tops my list of the best at home spa treatments.

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