7 Must-Have Beauty Products to Always Keep at Your Desk ...

If you’re working the usual 9 to 5, there are must-have beauty products out there to help keep you feeling fresh and fabulous. That’s right: you can still look put-together even after spending hours catching up on e-mails and dreaming up big presentations. If you've ever wanted to go from day to evening in no time flat or found yourself feeling a little blah in the middle of the day, then you've probably needed some of these awesome fixes yourself. Here are 7 beauty treats for your desk –now go out and get ‘em, working girl!

1. Hand Cream Trio Collection

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If you suffer from dry and cracked hands, these scented creams are must-have beauty products for your desktop. Choose from classic, Cherry Blossom, or Pivoine Flora to keep your fingers silky smooth. I keep my cream on hand (literally) before big meetings. Remember, ladies: you want the big wigs to remember your ideas and not a scratchy handshake.

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