7 Must-Have LUSH Products ...

These days, there are so many must-have LUSH products on my wish list that I hardly even know where to begin! Whether you already love the brand or are hearing about it for the very first time, this rundown of my favorite must-have LUSH products – from decadent bubble bars to fresh face masks – is sure to leave you craving your very own collection of the company’s handmade cosmetics. Shop online, or check out the LUSH nearest you to get hooked on these products and more!

1. A Soothing Moisturizer

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Is dry winter air wreaking havoc on your skin? If so, the first of my must-have LUSH products is definitely for you! Those who suffer from parched skin will fall in love with Skin Drink, which replenishes moisture while also soothing skin with the help of natural ingredients like aloe vera extract and rose oils. Have combination-to-oily skin? Try Vanishing Cream, LUSH’s lightest moisturizer that comes complete with an infusion of witch hazel to help banish breakouts.

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