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Natural beauty tips aren’t the easiest to come by in today’s era of thick eyeliner, tinted moisturizers, and loads or bronzer. But, my lovelies, I can help. As someone who doesn’t use or even understand most makeup, and someone who’s proud to say I’ve embraced my own appearance, flaws and all, I have lots of natural beauty tips to share with you. Here are 9 natural beauty tips for a prettier you, all around.

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Start within

It’s hard to be beautiful if you’re ugly inside. You’ll find that the more beautiful you are on the inside, the more that kindness, generosity, and strength will show on the outside, enhancing your natural beauty.


Embrace the Minor Imperfections

No one is perfect. We all have imperfections, little flaws that make us different from one another. I have weird eyebrows, and my skin is less than perfect. But you know what? I am who I am. It’s these little quirks and flaws, along with my bright green eyes and pointy chin, that makes me who I am. I don’t try to hide my little any more, and my self-confidence and pride make me more beautiful, naturally.



Is there anything less attractive that a person who’s frowning or looking angry all the time? This is my favorite natural beauty tip — smile! Let your inner joy and happiness show on your gorgeous face! Smile as you walk, as you work, as you drive, as you work out. Smile!



There’s something so beautiful abut healthy, glowing skin, and there are three steps, or three natural beauty tips, that will help you get it. The first is to clean, gently but thoroughly, every day in the morning and every night before bed.



The next step is to exfoliate. That means to scrub away all the dry, dead skin cells that can leave your skin looking dull. There are so many gentle exfoliants out there, but my favorite is by Murad. Use a scrub once a week for naturally beautiful skin.



The third step to gorgeous skin, and natural beauty, is to moisturize. That goes for all of your skin, not just your face, too. Hand lotion, body lotion, and moisturizer, oh my!


Know Your Palette

I know I can’t wear the color green. It makes me look sallow and sickly, so I don’t wear it… on the other hand, blue makes me glow. I know which colors I look good in, and which colors I ought to avoid, so I look my best, without makeup or other enhancers. Experiment with your color palette so see which hues work best for you!


Focus on a Feature

Here’s another natural beauty tip you may not think of right away — pick your best feature, and modestly focus on it. Use a light brown mascara to play up your sparkling eyes, or a clear gloss to accentuate your full lips. You’re not making up your face, simply using a light hand to apply a little cosmetic to accentuate your favorite feature.


Strive for Balance

Remember, these are NATURAL beauty tips, not ways to make your FACE look natural while you do a big pouf on the back of your hair. To be a true natural girl, you have to strive for balance in your life and your look. Simple, modest dress, natural hair, and loads of eyeliner aren’t the way to rock this look. Go for natural overall, and live it!

These are just a few of the ways you can have a more naturally beautiful look… there are so many ways to make the look, and the life, your own! If you’re another natural beauty, what’s your secret? Do you agree with these, and do you have any other natural beauty tips to share?

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Hi! Thank-you! I LOVED this post. (Probably cuz' I'm not a big fan of make-up?) I was also going to mention hair removal. Is that keeping things natural? All I know is that it makes me feel and look better. What do you think?

AWSOME i say god bye to all the ridiclous make up i have

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