7 Natural Oils and Their Uses for Girls Who Don't like Using Chemicals ...

By Cammi

7 Natural Oils and Their Uses for Girls Who Don't like Using Chemicals ...

Natural oils for beauty are all over the place these days. You've no doubt heard all the benefits that using oil on your skin and hair can have. Wondering which ones are best for you? Here's a rundown of a few natural oils for beauty that you are going to love. No more harsh chemicals and ingredients you can't pronounce.

1 Vitamin E Oil - Makeup

Mixing a couple of drops in your foundation is a game changer. Vitamin E is one of the best natural oils for beauty and is vital for healthy skin. Using it on your face can really help with acne scars. There’s no problem with applying it directly to your skin, however, adding oil to your foundation gives you the most amazing natural glow and prevents foundation from cracking or drying out your skin. Honestly, when you try this technique you’ll never go back! So many people asked me what I’d done differently when I started doing it myself. But remember, you’ll probably need a bit of powder for your T-zone, because yes a nice shine is good, but a really oily looking face certainly is not!

2 Olive Oil - Makeup Removal

This stuff isn’t only great for cooking. It can also be used to remove all the product you’ve had on your skin for the day. Oil is a much better and more natural way of removing your makeup then using a baby wipe or a cleanser (which are full of chemicals). It’s also a lot cheaper! Dab a cotton pad with olive oil and wipe your face just as you would with a wipe or commercial makeup remover. You’ll be surprised at how easily it all comes off and how soft and glowy your skin will be after. You can then proceed to use your face wash or just some warm water to get rid of any excess oil. Even if you’re not ready to make the permanent swap just yet, at least you know what to do if you ever run out of face wipes!

3 Coconut Oil - Teeth Whitening

Ok, this oil is good for loads of things (lip balm, make-up removal, body scrubs etc.), but what you may not know is it can be used to whiten and clean teeth. Oil-pulling is done by taking a chunk of coconut oil, letting it dissolve in your mouth and then moving and swishing it around your mouth, pulling it back and forth through your teeth. Do this a few times a week before bed and you will notice a brighter smile!

4 Avocado Oil - Hair

Now this isn’t a leave in hair oil. It has more of a hair mask vibe. Brush in a few drops before you tie up your locks for the night. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner in the morning, as per directions and voila, your hair will be softer and shinier then ever. You can leave it in for just a couple of hours if you don’t want to sleep with it in, but like any conditioning, the longer the better.

5 Almond Oil - Body

I moisturize my entire body twice a week with almond oil. It rubs in really well and doesn’t feel too sticky on the skin. Why use a commercial moisturizer (all those weird names of ingredients on the back of the bottle should be enough to put you off) when you can use something completely natural that gives better results? Your skin is delicate and does not need any chemicals on it. It does need moisturizing though. This routine will help prevent wrinkles and stretch marks, so what are you waiting for?

6 Rose Hip Oil - Night Time Skin Care

Move over night creams, the real deal is here. Rose hip oil is great for keeping skin looking young. You can use this morning or night, but it’s nice to replace your usual night cream. It smells great and feels so good on your skin. The only downfall is you might not get to sleep straight away because you’ll be too busy feeling and massaging your face with this stuff on.

7 Tea Tree Oil - Acne

This is an essential oil, so it’s more liquid in texture and very strong. Tea tree oil is naturally anti-bacterial. Add a few drops of the stuff into your bath once a week. It will really help with back or chest acne, which we don’t usually attend to as much as our face. If you don’t have a bath (or just don’t like them), try mixing in a couple drops into some aloe vera gel and applying it to your areas of acne. Remember, this stuff is strong so don’t over do it. You’re trying to help your skin, not irritate it.

So there you go. Your face, body, hair, and teeth can all be looked after using completely natural, nourishing and affordable products. Moisturizing is essential for healthy skin and hair, so by incorporating these oils into your routine and swapping out some of your commercial products, you can change your skin care game completely. There really is no need for the use of chemicals or spending a ton of money when it comes to looking after your body.

Try one, some, or even all of the swaps and let me know if you see or feel a difference!

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