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7 Natural Toothpastes You Should TRY Today ...

By Eliza

If you’re like me and are wary of beauty products full of questionable ingredients, natural toothpastes are a great idea. They’re definitely different from traditional versions and can take a bit of getting used to, but they still give your teeth a good cleaning and keep your smile looking gorgeous no matter what life throws your way. There are loads of natural toothpastes on the market, but this list tightens your choices to seven great options that you can easily find in stores or online. Please feel free to add the ones I’ve missed.

1 Jason Natural

Jason NaturalThis toothpaste contains spearmint and parsley, two natural ingredients to freshen your breath. At the same time, it also has antioxidants and proteins that naturally strengthen your teeth and keep them healthy. With a super affordable price, Jason’s is one of the best natural toothpastes you’ll ever try.

2 Nature’s Gate

Nature’s GateIf you love that minty fresh feeling after brushing your teeth, this is the natural toothpaste for you. It contains no artificial colors or flavors and is fluoride free for people who don’t want to overload on the stuff. The completely natural ingredients in Nature’s Gate toothpaste ensure fresh breath and healthy teeth.

3 Tom’s of Maine

Tom’s of MaineTom’s of Maine is probably one of the most well known natural beauty product companies. Their toothpaste is a great choice if you want something without all the harsh chemicals and abrasives in other types. It’s super easy to find at drugstores and doesn’t carry a scary price tag either. That’s great news, if you ask me!

4 Claybrite

ClaybriteThis toothpaste is a great choice if you want to share with your kids. It’s approved for both little ones and adults and contains Montmorillonite Clay to whiten teeth, keep cavities at bay and keep everyone in your family from having bad breath.

5 Burt’s Bees

Perhaps better known for its lip balm, Burt’s Bees also does a great job of covering the natural toothpaste market. It comes in several formulations, with products for adults and kids. The natural ingredients keep your teeth clean, white and healthy. With the standard yellow label, this one is easy to find.

6 Jack N Jill

Jack N JillThis is the best choice if you have kids. The packaging is appealing to little ones, but it’s also safe when they inevitably swallow it. There are several flavors, so you’re sure to find something the kids will enjoy using. Don’t worry, you can use it too if you want. It’s not as easy to find, but a bit of effort will put it into your hands and your medicine cabinet.

7 Earthpaste

EarthpasteI know, it’s got a strange name, but Earthpaste natural products are wonderful. You’ll have to seek them out at natural grocery stores or online, but you won’t be sorry. Free of all the scary ingredients found in many types of toothpaste, this natural product helps polish your teeth to keep them white, freshens your breath and has anti-fungal ingredients that help keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Once I had kids, I began to really worry about the ingredients that go into making beauty products. While I don’t always opt for the natural toothpaste, it feels good to know that it can still keep my family’s teeth healthy and clean without worry. What are your favorite natural toothpaste brands? Where do you get them?

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