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Natural Ways to Make Your Lips Look Bigger for a Kissable Pout ...

By Carly

Do you need some natural ways to make your lips look fuller? The plumping of lips has become a huge industry over the course of the last few years, especially thanks to the lip kit efforts of one Kylie Jenner! In fact, the desire by many to look like Kylie and all of her other Jenner/Kardashian sisters has prompted a big upturn in interest when it comes to finding ways to make your lips look fuller and more rounded. Of course, there is always cosmetic surgery for people who want to achieve immediate and long-lasting results, but before you decide to go under the knife, why not consider these natural ways to make your lips look fuller? A much less drastic solution to an issue, don’t you think!?

1 Brush off Flakes

One of the best natural ways to make your lips look fuller is to make sure they are smooth. Lips that are prone to flakiness seem smaller thanks to the presence of tight skin. You can get rid of these flakes effectively by using a toothbrush, and this will also help to boost circulation and produce a rosy tint before you even apply any makeup.

2 Concealer

You can use concealer on your lips in order to create a larger canvas for your lipstick. Spread a little over your lip line and this will help you to apply your lipstick in a way that will make your lips look bigger than they actually are. Don’t go too overboard though, you don’t want things to start looking clownish!


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3 Lip Gloss in the Middle

Pick a clear gloss or one that matches your lipstick and apply a dab of it in the middle of both your lower and upper lip. The shimmery nature of the product will pick up light and will have the effect of making your pout look a lot fuller in no time at all.

4 Overdraw Lip Line

This is an age-old trick! You can pretty much make your lips any size you want depending on how much you overdraw your lip line. Find a liner that matches your lipstick shade and practise drawing outside of your lips, just a little bit, to see how it looks. You can start to perfect this with repeated attempts!

5 Avoid Dark Shades

The darker your lipstick shade is, the smaller your lips tend to look, so in order to keep things looking as natural and as bright as possible, always go for lighter shades.

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