7 Need-to-Know Beauty Tips That You'll Want to Follow ...

It's fantastic when we hear of need to know beauty tips and secrets that broaden our knowledge of how to better our beauty routines! The smallest tips and tricks can make a world of difference in your hair, makeup, skin and nails. Hopefully these 7 need to know beauty tips will change up your look for the better!

1. The Secret to Beachy Waves

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Soft, beachy waves are an effortlessly sexy look but still put together. Usually beachy waves are achieved using a salt spray which gives hair a little curl and dryness, mimicking a day at the beach. But salt sprays can leave the hair stiff and dried out. To combat this, simply use a hair serum beforehand which deeply moisturizes the hair and protects it from damage. The best part is it doesn't interfere with any product or styling process but enhances it, which is one of those sought after need to know beauty tips.

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