7 New Ways to Get Gorgeous Radiant Skin ...


7 New Ways to Get Gorgeous Radiant Skin ...
7 New Ways to Get Gorgeous Radiant Skin ...

Want radiant skin? Who doesn’t? That famous glow has always escaped me, and I’ve never known exactly where I was going wrong. That’s why I jumped at the chance of going to a radiance course at a famous London spa. Would they have the secret I’ve been missing? It turns out that plenty of things can contribute to radiant skin, and many of them you probably wouldn’t expect. Just check these out…

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Wash Your Brushes…

The number one reason women don’t have radiant skin? They don’t wash their make-up brushes. 72% of women have never cleaned their brushes or sponges, despite knowing that bacteria and dirt can build up in them. Experts recommend that you wash loose powder brushes every two to three weeks, and foundation brushes once a week. You can use a gentle facial cleanser or shampoo – just swish your brushes in it, rinse with water and pat dry.


Not Enough Selenium…

If you want to glow, reach for the nuts. Brazil nuts are packed with selenium, which increases skin elasticity and decreases skin cancer. Walnuts are another great choice, as they lower inflammation and fight spots. Add in some macadamias, which are packed with oils and fatty acids that will rejuvenate your skin and make it glow, and you’ll be all set. Just a handful a day will make a big difference to your skin.


Clean Your Phone…

Addicted to your smartphone? Me too. According to Stanford University, though, a regularly-used iPhone can carry more germs than a toilet seat. In fact, their report says that glass screens are so good at spreading germs that you may as well as sneeze in someone’s face. All those germs get onto your hands and face every time you use your phone, which is a major cause of dullness and spots. Wash your phone down at least once a day.


Use a Serum…

Dermatologists always recommend a serum, and it’s about time that you started using one. They are a lot more concentrated than creams or lotions, so you need a lot less, and they can work surprisingly well. Look for a serum that contains antioxidants and pentapeptides for best results. They don’t have to be expensive – Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum costs $40, and contains everything you’ll need. Then apply to freshly washed skin, followed with a moisturizer or sun cream.


Sleep More…

Beauty sleep got its name for a reason – sleep deprivation does terrible things to the skin. It lowers circulation, leading to that dull, pale and washed out look, and it doesn’t give your skin a chance to heal itself. Making sure you get enough sleep each night will lead to much more radiant skin.


Drop Dairy…

If you are really struggling with dull skin, consider cutting dairy for a while. Dairy products contain cow hormones that stimulate oil glands and pores, which can lead to acne. These hormones are even present in organic dairy products. Cutting out all dairy, including that in salad dressings, protein bars and shakes, could improve your skin immensely. If you don’t want to cut dairy completely, opt for skimmed milk instead, as the hormones are concentrated in the fat.


Turn the Shower down…

One of the most shocking ways to get radiant skin is to turn the shower down. While a hot shower might wake you up, it’s not good for your skin. The heat strips essential oils from your skin, and creates a mild burn. Your blood vessels dilate to cool the skin, causing flushing and redness. In your 20s, it’ll take about an hour to recover. In your 30s, it’ll take around 2 hours, and by your 40s, it could lose its ability to shrink back to normal altogether.

I’ll definitely be trying these tips to get more radiant skin. We were also given a secret boost for those days when you don’t sleep well, and don’t look great – pick up some soy milk. It hydrates and soothes skin, making it look much better. Soak two cotton balls in milk and squeeze out the excess, then hold over the skin for five minutes. Win! How do you keep your skin radiant?

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