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7 of My Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus ...

By Rotem

My makeup skills went from beginner to professional by doing one simple thing: watching YouTube beauty gurus. I’ve learned so much of the basics of products, brushes, techniques and concepts, all from watching these videos and tutorials online. Keep reading for my top seven favorite YouTube beauty gurus!

1 Jaclyn Hill

My number one out of all the YouTube beauty gurus goes out to Jaclyn Hill. She has incredible talent and explains things so well. She is so informative when it comes to the best techniques, brushes and products. Her looks are always so flawless. She will tell you everything you need to know about beauty and has the best tutorials!

2 Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero is another one of my all-time favorite beauty gurus online. Her videos on hair, makeup, fashion and skincare are perfect. You will learn so much about what products to use and some great looks, as well. She is seriously one of the best!

3 JLovesMac1

Jarmaine was the first beauty guru that I ever watched. I have actually watched her videos for a few years now, which is pretty cool. She is one of the funniest beauty gurus I’ve ever watched! She’s had me cracking up all while learning a bunch of tips and tricks and makeup looks. She also has videos on fashion and is petite, which is perfect for us petite girls!

4 Gossmakeupartist

Wayne Goss is one incredibly knowledgeable makeup guru. He, by far, has the most informative videos I have ever seen. If you constantly find yourself in situations like, “Why does my makeup look like this?” or “Why doesn’t my makeup look this way?” then he can most likely explain why and what you can do to fix or prevent it! If you’re looking for an informative page on technique, check him out.

Desiree is amazing!...

5 Nitraa B

Nitraa B is another great beauty guru. Her looks are some of the best! She is also a great reviewer of products and makeup. She’s another very funny beauty guru that will have you laughing while still watching an informative makeup video or tutorial! If you’re looking for great makeup tutorials, check out her page!

6 Carli Bybel

Carli is the sweetest beauty guru ever! At the beginning of each video, she includes a quote to live by. You can tell the type of person she is through her videos. She is a beautiful girl with amazing makeup, fashion and hair and a bunch of tips and tricks up her sleeve! She also has amazing reviews and product recommendations on her page. If you’re interested in makeup and fashion, watch out for Carli Bybel!

7 Dulce Candy

Last but not least, we have Dulce Candy! She is a long time beauty guru on YouTube. Her makeup skills are also pretty amazing. She has tutorials, reviews and other lifestyle tips, as well. She is also a fashion blogger with great outfits normally posted on her blog!

I hope you enjoy my top seven YouTube beauty gurus and check them out! I highly recommend browsing YouTube for a beauty guru that interests you. This is how you will learn to apply makeup flawlessly, put together beautiful outfits, take care of your skin and learn some great looks for your hair. What are some of your favorite YouTube beauty gurus?

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