32 of the Best Couples Tattoos You'll Ever See ...

By Eliza

32 of the Best Couples Tattoos You'll Ever See ...

Expressing your love for your significant other is never easier than getting a couples tattoo. There are several fun ways to do this. Come tattoos match, some simply go together. Whatever you choose, no one can dispute your feelings for each other. Here are the cream of the crop. I think you'll be as amazed as I was.

1 Siempre Contigo - Always with You

white,black and white,photography,close up,tattoo, Source: 45 Splendid Couples Tattoos

2 The King & His Queen

black and white,tattoo,arm,monochrome photography,monochrome, Source: matching

3 A Meaningful Quote That Goes Together

tattoo,arm,font,hand,human body, Source: Best Couple Tattoo Designs

4 Her Writing on His Ring Finger and His on Hers

white,black,black and white,person,photography, Source: His & hers birthstone ring

5 You Belong to Each Other

finger,photography,hand,close up,skin, Source: tattoodonkey.com

6 King and Queen Couple

tattoo,pattern,arm,leg,design, Source: INK361 - The Instagram web

7 Queen and King of Hearts

finger,leg,arm,skin,close up, Source: King and Queen. (Tattoologist)

8 The Nightmare before Christmas

tattoo,arm,leg,hand,human body, Source: 35 Wonderful Tattoos For Disney

9 What the Bible Says

tattoo,finger,leg,arm,nail, Source: The Bible Says For

10 Skull Couple Tattoos

finger,pattern,mehndi,nail,design, Source: Best Couple Tattoo Designs

11 Match up the Halves of Your Heart

face,nose,cheek,chin,close up, Source: Best Couple Tattoo Designs

12 Love Each Other - THis Also Works for Family and Friends

finger,nail,arm,hand,skin, Source: 20+ Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas

13 Frequency of "I Love You"

finger,tattoo,arm,mouth,hand, Source: 23 Couples Who Decided To

14 "Every Saint Has a past, Every Sinner Has a Future."

finger,mouth,arm,muscle,leg, Source: 45 Splendid Couples Tattoos

15 Til My Dying Day Finger Tattoos

black and white,arm,monochrome photography,handwriting,hand, Source: Un Amor Inesperado... Andy y

16 "i Love Him" and "i Love Her" Tattoos

black and white,tattoo,arm,monochrome photography,finger, Source: boho baby bump: Letters Of

17 Creative His and Hers Lions

finger,nail,close up,hand,tattoo, Source: 28 Tiny Finger Tattoo Ideas

18 Watercolor Crown Tattoos

tattoo,arm,leg,hand,tattoo artist, Source: 50 Meaningful Crown Tattoos

19 Beauty and the Beast

tattoo,arm,font,calligraphy,chest, Source: 10 Amazing Tattoo Designs for

20 The Key to His Heart

white,black,black and white,jewellery,arm, Source: STEPHANIEEEE

21 King and Queen Chess Pieces

white,footwear,black,black and white,leg, Source: de beaux rêves

22 Crowns with Initials

finger,nail,hand,pattern,flower, Source: Couple Tattoos: 50+ Awesome Ideas

23 Fancy Key and Lock That Go Together

arm,tattoo,pattern,design,hand, Source: Couple Tattoos: 50+ Awesome Ideas

24 Matching Infinity Tattoos

tattoo,arm,pattern,design,human body, Source: Matching His And Hers Tattoo

25 Anchor One Another

pattern,tattoo,arm,leg,thigh, Source: Miss Tallulah Porkchop: gorgeous, girly

26 Couple's Tattoo for Wedding

black and white,pattern,drawing,design,arm, Source: Couple tattoo, love infinity with

27 Awesome Disney Tattoos

white,finger,black and white,tattoo,arm, Source: 22 Awesome Disney Tattoos

28 You Complete Me

tattoo,finger,arm,nail,leg, Source: Whether You Like Tattoos Or

29 Roman Numerals for Your Wedding Date

white,black and white,black,photograph,image, Source: Matching Couple Tattoos | Best

30 Pac-man and Ms. Pac-man

face,nose,finger,leg,arm, Source: 25 Totally Classic, Awesome &

31 Match Them up

pattern,design,henna,mehndi,arm, Source: 23 Couples Who Decided To

32 Bride and Groom Sugar Skull Tattoos

tattoo,pattern,mehndi,arm,design, Source: Couple Tattoos: 50+ Awesome Ideas

See something you love? Would you ever get a couples tattoo? What about one with your best friend?

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Sadly I don't like any of these! :(

I love the heart beat one. Absolutely beautiful and has so much meaning. I don't know if is get this done, personally, as I've never been into couples getting tattoos about their relationships.

my boyfriend and i have "CA" tattooed on us. they stand for our initials but it also is the California sign. when people ask us, we say it's the California sign but we know the real meaning of it. :)

I wanted to get tattooed myself now I will have an idea personally I liked the tattoos on fingers

Love #20 & #31; however I am very against couple's tattoos. Nothing and no one is a guarantee!!

That last one is bad ass

I like the heart one the best.. It's simple and its not doing too much. If something happens where they break up, it can easily be covered

I found ones I want for myself and my hubby that aren't on here. Both tats say "I Have Lived A Thousand Lives", the guys then has a video game controller under that, and the girls has a stack of books. Perfect for us, because he's a gamer and I'm a reader.

28: the worlds smallest puzzle😂

The lion and lioness one reminded me of getting one of Simba and Nala if you're into the Lion King 😍😍

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