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34 of the Best Word Tattoos You'll Ever See ...

By Eliza

Sometimes a word is better than an image when you want to convey a specific feeling or meaning. When it comes to getting inked, you want to make sure you choose something you can live with for the rest of your life. If you want something simple, but meaningful, a saying or special word is definitely the way to go. Here's all the proof you need.

1 In a World of My Own

tattoo,arm,flower,chest,Source: 23 Stunningly Subtle Disney Tattoos

2 You Are My Sunshine

tattoo,arm,leg,thigh,abdomen,Source: 45 Inspirational Sunflower Tattoos

3 Unless

tattoo,arm,organ,hand,leg,Source: 50 Dr. Seuss Inspired Tattoos

4 I Am Because You Are

tattoo,arm,skin,hand,leg,Source: 12 Inspiring Tattoos for Moms

5 Free

arm,organ,hand,finger,leg,Source: 50 Cute Small Tattoos for

6 With Faith Comes Hope

tattoo,blue,arm,organ,human body,Source: 50 Hot Rib Tattoos for

7 Always

tattoo,arm,finger,organ,leg,Source: 26 Stunning Harry Potter Tattoos

8 Blessed


9 Serendipity

human action,hair,person,clothing,image,Source: 50 of the Coolest Small

10 Still I Rise

tattoo,black and white,arm,finger,skin,Source: 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For

11 I Am Not Afraid, I Was Born to do This

tattoo,arm,fashion accessory,hand,Jan,Source: 77 Best Tattoo Quotes with

12 I Am Not Afraid to Walk This World Alone

finger,skin,leg,arm,hand,Source: 28 Tattoos Inspired By Your

13 Stay Strong

tattoo,arm,skin,close up,organ,Source: 55 Cool Collar Bone Tattoos

14 Fall down Seven Times, Stand up Eight

clothing,thigh,beauty,tattoo,skin,Source: 60 + Inspirational Tattoo Quotes

15 Keep Going

white,black and white,tattoo,close up,photography,Source: 26 Unique Font Ideas For

16 You Know You're in Love...

tattoo,arm,organ,hand,human body,Source: 50 Examples of Girly Tattoo

17 Don't Forget to Love Yourself

tattoo,face,nose,cheek,skin,Source: Get a Chic Quote Tattoo

18 Family

tattoo,arm,font,organ,hand,Source: 12 Wonderful Heart Wrist Tattoos

19 Psalm 119:105

leg,toe,foot,footwear,barefoot,Source: Community Post: 30 Inspirational Bible

20 Enough

tattoo,arm,hand,human body,chest,Source: The Top Tattoo Designs Of

21 Beautiful

tattoo,arm,organ,hand,human body,Source: Sweet and Fierce

22 Wanderlust

tattoo,nose,skin,arm,organ,Source: 55 Cool Collar Bone Tattoos

23 Though I Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death...... I Will Fear No Evil, for Thou Art with Me

brassiere,face,clothing,active undergarment,muscle,Source: 55 Cool Collar Bone Tattoos

24 Smile

hair,face,photography,girl,black hair,Source: 25 tiny tattoos that are

25 Most Ardently

tattoo,text,handwriting,skin,arm,Source: 23 Epic Literary Love Tattoos

26 I'm the Hero of This Story

black,white,black and white,photograph,image,Source: 6 Cool Quote Tattoos

27 Think Positive

finger,hand,arm,leg,petal,Source: 50 Cute Small Tattoos for

28 Warrior

leg,skin,arm,finger,organ,Source: 100 Real-Girl Tiny Tattoo Ideas

29 Escape

tattoo,face,arm,hand,human body,Source: 36 Stunning Book Tattoos That

30 Explore

finger,arm,skin,hand,close up,Source: 25 Tattoo Ideas That Are

31 Free

jewellery,arm,fashion accessory,leg,organ,Source: 69 Inspirational Typography Tattoos

32 The Pain You Feel Today...

arm,skin,tattoo,organ,human body,Source: 17 Maya Angelou Quotes That

33 Love

finger,tattoo,leg,arm,skin,Source: Wrist Tattoo Ideas; Snakes, Bracelets

34 Words Are Our Most Inexhaustible Source of Magic

white,black and white,skin,arm,monochrome photography,Source: Things to Know Before Getting

Feeling inspired? Which word or quote would you be willing to get tattooed on your body?

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