13 Photos of Gorge Black Girls Who Are Pure BeautyGoals ...


13 Photos of Gorge Black Girls Who Are Pure BeautyGoals ...
13 Photos of Gorge Black Girls Who Are Pure BeautyGoals ...

@pretty.black.girls celebrate beautiful black women from various walks of life from celebs to fitness models to your gorgeous girl next door. You'll find endless hair, beauty, fashion inspiration, and even ideas for poses for your next selfie on this fab blog. We hunted down our top photos to share with you, take a peek!

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Those girls were not all black a few but not all. Majority were mixed. You guys tried and i thank you. 🙂

Nice but too many celebrities, maybe mix it up a bit with some athletes, the ones in Rio are gorgeous.

Nice post but it would be better with their names

BLACK!!! not mixed or just light skinned. Where is the chocolate?! 😪😪😪

They are all pretty but 75% of them are not pure

Hey Lisa, I liked your article on gorge black girl. Black girls deserve to feel true confidence and uplift the positive characteristics of their appearances and racial/cultural backgrounds. Learning to love the skin you're in is the first step towards having lasting confidence as a black girl. Black women have the most unique hair on the planet due to a texture that is not found in any other woman. The skin is usually smooth and unblemished. This is an advantage of women with colour. Most beautiful black women have curves and unique features that make black women the most exotic women. Black women are very attractive and their most unique feature is their pretty dark skin. Thanks for nice piece.

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