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Blackout tattoos have become a big new trend. It's basically when someone goes into the tattoo parlor and asks for a chunk of solid black ink to be placed over their skin. Some people say that blackout tattoos are dangerous, because they cover large portions of skin at a time and put too much ink into the body at once. Meanwhile, others just think they're plain beautiful. Decide for yourself:

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Down the Back

Blackout tattoos don't have to be one big block of ink. You can still add some pretty designs to it.


Blackout tattoos are a form of body art that covers a large area of the body with solid black ink. Popular areas to get a blackout tattoo are the arms, legs, chest, and back. Blackout tattoos can be used to cover up an existing tattoo, or to create a completely new design.

The design featured in the article is an example of how blackout tattoos can be used to create intricate and unique designs. The photo shows a blackout tattoo of a large, black flower with a stem and leaves curling around the arm. This type of design is known as a “blackout sleeve”, and is becoming increasingly popular among tattoo enthusiasts.

Blackout tattoos are created using a special type of ink that is very opaque and can completely cover up an existing tattoo. The ink is also very durable and can last for years with proper care. Unlike other types of tattoos, blackout tattoos require more time and effort to create. The artist must be precise and careful when creating the design, as any mistakes can be difficult to cover up.


Tattoo Sleeve

These tattoos look just as sexy on men as they do on women, don't you think?


Tattoo sleeves are a popular form of body art, often featuring bold, black designs that are used to cover up existing tattoos. This particular tattoo sleeve, featured on Instagram, was done by artist @adyfarrians and features a unique, abstract design. Tattoo sleeves are often seen as a way to express individuality and creativity, and can be a great way to make a style statement. They are also becoming increasingly popular among both men and women, with many people opting for larger, more intricate designs. Tattoo sleeves can be a great way to make a statement and show off your unique style.


Chest and Arms

Imagine sitting in a chair for long enough to get that much skin covered in ink? It sure would take a while.


This image is of a blackout tattoo on the chest and arms of an individual. It is a full body tattoo that covers the entire torso. It is a complex piece of body art that requires a great amount of time and effort to complete. The tattoo is made up of intricate designs and symbols that blend together to create a mesmerizing effect. It is an impressive piece of work that will surely be admired by all blackout tattoo lovers. It is a great example of the artistry and skill that goes into creating a blackout tattoo. The artist who created this masterpiece deserves recognition for their incredible work.


One Arm

Another reason why people love blackout tattoos is because it's a great way to cover up the old, unattractive tattoos that they don't want anymore.


Shoulders and Back

When you see beautifully intricate details like this, it proves why some people are so obsessed with having art on their body.


Couple Tattoos

If you want to match your partner, this is the best way to do it. You'll look like two peas in a pod.


Adorned Arm

Adding a few dots at the top of your blackout tattoo is a great idea. It makes it look even more gorgeous.


Up the Wrist

You don't have to get a blackout tattoo from your wrist up to your shoulder. You can get a small area covered, instead.


Down the Forearm

You can always get designs placed inside of your blackout tattoos. It'll give them a pop of color.


Blackout tattoos are a popular trend in the tattoo world, and they involve covering large areas of the body with solid black ink. This particular blackout tattoo is located on the forearm and features an intricate design within the black ink. The design, created by @mkemptattooer, is a unique addition to the blackout tattoo and adds a pop of color. Blackout tattoos are often used to cover up existing tattoos or to create a bold statement. They can be used to create a completely unique look or to draw attention to a certain area of the body.


Blended with Trees

You could even try getting a tattoo on top of your blackout tattoo. You can make them blend together pretty well.


Embellished with Stars

This fading effect is straight up gorgeous. This is a tattoo that anybody would be able to pull off.


All up the Arm

Anyone who says tattoos are unattractive have clearly never had an inked up man look at them like this.


Full Arm

Would you like to date a man with a tattoo like this, or is it too much for your taste?


Over the Wrist

This is simple blackout design. But simple doesn't mean unattractive. This one is just as nice as the last.


On the Shoulder

This is one of the best examples of a blackout tattoo. You have to admit that it looks pretty impressive.


The Entire Arm

If you're already covered in tattoos, then what's the harm in adding even more ink to your body? It'll help you look even more unique than you already do.


Half Blackout

You can always incorporate a blackout tattoo into a larger tattoo design. Something like this isn't too bold, but it is pretty beautiful.

These pictures prove that you don't need a clever tattoo idea in order to get in that chair. You can just get your entire limb covered in ink and you'll still look gorgeous. Would you ever get a blackout tattoo or are completely against this hot new trend?

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Oh god no. First off, you can't get that covered up with another tattoo if you decide you don't like it. Secondly that's going to hurt like hell. Thirdly, that's expensive $$$$

Exactly @Allyfedor!!

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