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As I think we've established by now that I pay close attention to my eyebrows. One might say I am slightly obsessive. Fortunately, we have also established that I'm not alone. I am not ashamed to say that I feel this post, both in my eyebrows and in my heart. I hope you feel it, too.

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When You Get Your Eyebrows Perfect and It is Frigging Raining

When You Get Your Eyebrows Perfect and It is Frigging Raining And the thought of your eyebrows melting down your face makes you want to cry.


The Mystery of Left Vs. Right

The Mystery of Left Vs. Right One side is always just … This is me. This is my soul. This meme understands me.


It's Science

It's Science Is it your left side or your right side? It's my right side. Always.


Raise Your Hand if This is True for You

Raise Your Hand if This is True for You I have both of my hands in the air. I spend way more time on my eyebrows than I do on my hair.



Mfw I do feel bad for these people. I want to help them. I want to show them the way.


Itches Are from the Devil

Itches Are from the Devil Especially when your eyebrows itch. That is NOT fair.


Tweezers Are Dark Magic

Tweezers Are Dark Magic How does this always happen? How?


So, you finally found the perfect pair of tweezers that grip even the finest of hairs with the precision of a seasoned pro. You place them safely in your makeup bag, feeling like the queen of brow grooming - and poof - they vanish into thin air! Next thing you know, you're tearing apart your bathroom, sending cotton swabs and lipsticks flying like a mad sorceress. Is there a tweezers thief lurking in the shadows, or perhaps they've sprouted legs and walked away? It's a mystery as deep as the arch of a well-plucked brow.


This is the Deepest Level of Trust

This is the Deepest Level of Trust Tell me it's not.


When you let someone else shape your brows, what's brewing is a silent contract of faith. Can there be anything more intimate in the beauty domain? Think about it, a misstep could mean weeks of awkward selfies and strategic bangs. But when they get it right, ah, it’s like the stars align. Your face takes on a new level of definition and expression. Those arches frame the windows to your soul with absolute perfection. No wonder it's a friendship deal-clincher, letting someone near those brows with a pair of tweezers.


Oh …

Oh … Oh.


When You Don't Click with Someone but You're Not Quite Sure Why …

When You Don't Click with Someone but You're Not Quite Sure Why … Oh yeah. That. That's why.


Sometimes, it's the subtle cues that throw us off. It could be their mannerisms or even the way they arch an eyebrow during conversation—something just doesn't sit right. While you can't quite pinpoint it, your gut is whispering that the vibe isn't jiving. Maybe it's all in the brows; they speak volumes without a word and can be the silent conversation starters or deal-breakers. So, trust your instincts, even if they're rooted in something as seemingly trivial as eyebrow chemistry.


Sometimes This is the Easiest Way to Look like You're Paying Attention

Sometimes This is the Easiest Way to Look like You're Paying Attention I do this all. the. time.


Don't Tell Me What to do

Don't Tell Me What to do You don't even have your eyebrows together. I don't need life advice from you.


Shapely Eyebrows, Shapely Life

Shapely Eyebrows, Shapely Life Ahaha, this is my life.


More Philosophies on Left Vs. Right

More Philosophies on Left Vs. Right I legit laughed.


First Impressions

First Impressions Every single time.


Your Friends and Your Eyebrows

Your Friends and Your Eyebrows Real friends will let you know when those brows ain't on point, though.


Just like the sisters you've always wanted, they're the lifeline when you're about to commit a brow faux pas. It's all about the tough love – they're not afraid to pull you aside and whisper a quick, "Girl, it's time for a tweeze," before you head out for that big night. Believe it or not, they're saving you from untag-worthy photos and the side-eye from fellow brow enthusiasts. Keep those trusted pals close; after all, a friend with a keen eye for a sleek arch is worth their weight in gold.


Eyebrow Envy

Eyebrow Envy I have said this to people. On two occasions, people have said this to me, and oh, how beautiful I felt.


Eyebrow envy isn't just about thickness or shape; it's the subtle artistry that some people naturally possess. When they're done just right, they frame your eyes and enhance your entire look. And it's not just about plucking and waxing; the world of brow gels, powders, and pencils has transformed the brow game entirely. It's about finding that perfect arch, fullness, and tint to make you feel like you're walking down a runway every day. For those blessed with the naturally perfect set, every glance in the mirror is a quiet victory dance.


Like This

Like This Exactly like this.

Well? Do you feel it, too?

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My son said my new eye brows look mad!!!!!! There permanent.

Neater* not "nested".

This post is hilarious. I do not think i am going to look at eyebrows the same way again. And i can so relate to the nail polish photo. One side always looks nested than the other and I just be like "It will come off in the shower" 😝

Seriously funny

11 😂😂

this is me af

9, 10 and 14 are funny lol! ☺️

Fr hahah

This is so funny.

Story of my life lol!!

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