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7 Pieces of Etiquette for Ladies Who Love the Spa ...

By Eliza

Who doesn’t love spending their day at the spa getting pampered with a facial, a pedicure and a massage? It sounds like the perfect day to me! However, there are some little bits of etiquette that you might not know about. By adding them to your spa day routine, you’ll be everyone’s favorite client and may even get some special treatment now and then. Experts say these are good rules of thumb anytime you’re at the spa for any kind of treatment.

1 Tips Should Be at Least 20 Percent

Many spa workers survive on their tips because their hourly pay isn’t that high. When you get a spa treatment, it’s customary to leave 20 percent of what the treatment cost. So if you get a $100 massage, you should leave a $20 tip. However, you can leave more if you were really impressed. If there was a problem, speak with the spa manager and don’t feel like you have to shell out for service that was subpar.

2 You Need to Remove Your Clothes

Not for a pedicure or manicure, of course, but if you’re having a massage or facial, your clothes will get in the way. Most massage therapists request total nudity so they can effectively work your entire body without fabric getting in the way. For a facial, stripping to the waist makes the tech’s job easier. You will be covered with towels so don’t worry that you’ll be baring all during the treatment.

3 Stick to One Cocktail and a Small Meal

If you’ve had too much to drink you may be more sensitive and that can get in the way of fully relaxing during a massage. At the same time, a heavy meal will make you uncomfortable, especially while lying on your belly. Stick to one cocktail and choose a light meal before you check in at the spa.

4 Forget about Shaving Right before You Go in

Most spa techs will tell you that they don’t notice a bit of extra hair here and there so you don’t need to shave minutes before you check in. Shaving too close to your treatments could backfire on you since the oils and creams can sometimes sting freshly shaved areas on your body. Shave the night before or a couple of days before and you should be just fine.

5 Wear Your Hair up at the Spa

Hair that is down and flowing might look pretty but it will get in the way during a massage or a facial. It’s better to wear a bun or top knot to keep your strands in place so they don’t interfere with your relaxation. At the same time, you might gross out other patrons if you’re sitting in the sauna or hot tub leaving behind long hairs. Tied up and out of the way is definitely your only option here.

6 Show up on Time

Chances are that your technician has back to back appointments on most days, especially the weekends. When you show up late, you throw off her schedule and might be stuck with a shorter version of your treatments. If you show up too late, you could be asked to cancel and pay a fee. Make sure you arrive a few minutes early for everyone’s benefit.

7 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for What You Want

Your nail tech or massage therapist wants you to be happy because that means you’ll tip well and want to come back. It’s not rude to ask for different music during a rubdown or a lighter touch during a facial. Ask so that you are both happy when the spa day is over.

How often do you go to the spa? What other etiquette tips can you add?

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