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Plus-size Model Shares Insight "you Are Never Going to Please Everyone" ...

By Vanessa

Denise Bidot is a Latina plus-size model who is working hard to change the fashion industry and what's expected of it. She's the first plus-size model to open and close a straight-size show at New York Fashion Week - how amazing/groundbreaking is that? Currently she's the face of Kohl's, Macy's, Target, Levi's, Forever21 Plus, and more.
Although it can be hard at times to be completely accepting of yourself, Denise understands that true beauty isn't skin-deep. She recently opened up to Cosmopolitan about her beauty image tips: "You are never going to please everyone," she said. "I really just want women to be happy. People always think, 'If I had this job or straighter hair or was skinnier or blonder, I'd be happy,' but really, it's a matter of being able to be happy with who you are. But I've seen the most beautiful women think they're not perfect. It has to come from the inside. Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful."
I couldn't agree more! I think it's important that people like Denise use their voice and influence for the greater good and that's definitely what she's doing. "I feel like one of the few Latina girls doing it, and I'm proud of that," she told Cosmo. "I also want to be here for all women. I'm glad I can be a role model in the industry, because growing up, I didn't really have that." Keep up the awesome work, Denise!

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