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7 Pointers for Growing Luscious Lashes ...

By Alison

Growing luscious lashes is something we´d all like to achieve. Having long, thick lashes makes your eyes look stunning. But if we want that long-lashed look, then first we need to know how to grow luscious lashes! There are a lot of things you can do to promote this, so here are some tips on growing luscious lashes …

Table of contents:

  1. Mascara
  2. Vaseline
  3. Vitamins
  4. Products
  5. Extensions
  6. Diet
  7. Caster oil

1 Mascara

Technically, using mascara isn´t actually growing luscious lashes. But in a manner of speaking it is! There are some brilliant mascaras available that help give the illusion of fuller, longer lashes. The beauty of this method is that it´s inexpensive, and can be repeated day after day to give you gorgeous thick eyelashes.

2 Vaseline

Vaseline has long been a popular method of growing luscious lashes. The great thing about it is that it´s a really inexpensive route to getting that thick-lashed look. Apply a tiny amount to your lashes every day or two, but do be careful not to get it in your eyes. Also, if you wear contact lenses you´d be best advised to apply the Vaseline at night (as long as you don´t wear them overnight).

3 Vitamins

When you want to know how to grow luscious lashes, it´s important to remember that they are part of your body. And what does your body need to look good and stay healthy? You have to consume vitamins. Your lashes also need vitamins; the best ones are Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Biotin (which is also called Vitamin H, and can be bought in supplement form).

4 Products

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to promote eyelash growth. Do they work? Obviously you would need to try them for yourself to see how effective they are. A product that one woman swears by may have absolutely no effect on another. So if you´re prepared to take the chance that the product doesn´t work for you, then test them out.

5 Extensions

If you´re having trouble growing luscious lashes of your own, then there´s a very easy answer. You can cheat! With eyelash extensions, you can have gorgeous lashes within a very short time. The only problem is that they do require a lot of maintenance – they may only last a few weeks, and a full set can need replacing after a couple of months. That´s a lot of cash …

6 Diet

The other way to feed your lashes is to eat a nutritious diet. As well as the vitamins I´ve already mentioned, eat minerals such as zinc and magnesium. Walnuts and almonds will give you the necessary healthy oils, and make sure that you drink plenty of water. All this will not only help your general health, but can give you the gorgeous long lashes you crave!

7 Caster Oil

Caster oil has a reputation for being one of those nasty things that parents used to force on their children. However, some women find that it is beneficial when it comes to promoting lash growth. If you don´t fancy taking it in liquid form, you can easily get capsules, which will be much more palatable.

If you´ve been desperate to know how to grow luscious lashes, then give some of these methods a go. There are lots of things you can do to help them look beautiful. Growing luscious lashes is within your reach! So don´t forget to feed them from the inside, and from the outside as well. And you can also take the easy option and cheat! Have you found any other ways to get amazingly long lashes?

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