7 Products on My Beauty Wish List for 2014 That You May Want to Add to Your Own ...

As we are heading into a new year, I am putting together my beauty wish list for 2014. This is always a fun thing to do when a new year begins. Beauty products are something I love to shop for so it was especially fun to make a beauty wish list once again. As you read over my wish list, you may find yourself adding some of these things to your own beauty wish list for 2014.

1. Cover Girl Flamed up Mascara

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I have had a lot of success with Cover Girl mascaras. So far, my favorites are the Lash Blast and the Flamed Out mascaras. I feel sure that the Flamed Up mascara will be wonderful, as well, not only because it is a Cover Girl product but also because it has a curved brush. I am a sucker for a mascara with a curved brush so this definitely makes my beauty wish list for 2014.

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