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17 Quick Yet Gorgeous Tattoos for Women with Low Pain Tolerances ...

By Holly

You don't have to get a huge tattoo that covers your entire arm. You don't even have to get a medium-sized tattoo that can be seen from across the room. If you have a low pain tolerance, then you can get a super small tattoo, like one of these:

1 Moon and Star

Tattoos like these will only take two seconds. You'll be in and out of the tattoo parlor before anyone even realizes you left the house.

2 Triangle

If you leave the middle of the triangle empty like this, and don't get it filled in, then your tattoo artist will only have to draw three quick little lines on you.

3 Shell

This tattoo has a little more detail than most small tattoos, so it won't be over in a flash. Of course, it covers such a small area that you should be able to handle the pain.

4 Wave

You don't have to get a detailed, blue wave across your entire back. You can just get the outline of one, instead.

5 Heart

Even though this tattoo looks a little bigger than the others, it's still just an outline. That means it won't take long to finish.

6 Roman Numerals

If you want to get a number tattooed onto you, this is the easiest way to do it. A "4" would take up a little less space, but "iv" is just as simple.

7 Infinity Signs

This is a classic tattoo. Of course, you don't have to get any added details to it. If you just get the symbol itself, it won't take all that long at all.

8 Arrow

Arrow tattoos come in many different shapes and sizes. Of course, there's nothing wrong with getting a tiny, simple one like this.

9 Letter

You can get a letter, like a "K," tattooed onto your skin instead of getting the entire word that you want. It's a simple way to get a meaningful tattoo.

10 Bow

This is another small tattoo with quite a bit of detail. Only get one like this if you can handle getting your tattoo shaded in after the outline is completed.

11 Cross

If you're religious, this is a great way to show it. After all, it only consists of two tiny little lines.

12 Camera

If you're a photographer, then you should get a tiny tattoo like this! Isn't it adorable?

13 Wheel

This is so tiny that some people won't even notice it. You can handle a tattoo that small, can't you?

14 Lines

As long as the tattoo means something to you, it doesn't matter if it makes sense to anybody else.

15 Diamond and Crown

These are both great ideas for women with low pain tolerances. They'll be over before you know it.

16 House

This tattoo only consists of a few lines. It's not that hard to handle.

17 Kitty

There's no better way to show your love of cats than by getting a tattoo of one. You can even get it on the back of your neck, so it's easy to cover up.

Even if you have a low pain tolerance, you can handle these tiny tattoos. What kind of tattoo are you thinking about getting?

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