7 Reasons 2019 is the Year πŸ“† to Learn to Love Your Body πŸ’– ...

Okay let’s get real, at some point or another we all want to be taller, thinner, have a different color hair or a completely different body type. And as we look at other at fellow ladies we find ourselves becoming our own worst critics. Before we throw ourselves under the bus and begin to critique, let’s change our course and make 2019 the year to love your body. Let’s start treating our body the way it deserves to be treated with nourished food, exercise and comfortable yet stylish clothes. Let’s put our best foot forward and make this the year to love yourself from head to toe. Let me share with you the reasons why you just learn to love yourself.

1. You Are Beautiful

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You are beautiful from your head to toe. Everything about you is perfect so be thankful for all your blessings. Stop looking at your arms wishing they were toned or wishing you had more agile nose. Appreciate everything about yourself and you will exude confidence!

2. You Are Unique

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Your freckles on your face, your dimples, and everything about is special and unique. So before you look in the mirror wishing for change, be thankful for everything that makes you different. Someone else is looking at you admiring everything about you so stop wishing to be like someone else. You are perfect because you are you!

3. Love Your Curves

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I used to wish I had less curves because I felt I would always stand out. I guess I wanted to blend in with the crowd sometimes. But as an adult I am so thankful for my curves because this makes me feel sexy. I love my womanly body and you should love your curves too! This makes you the woman that you are today!

4. Love That Your Body is Your Body

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Love that your body is no one else’s. This is your body so you have the choice in how to treat it. So embrace the beauty and grace of your figure and be proud of who you are. You are an incredibly beautiful lady!

5. Love Your Body with Healthy Food Choices

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It is time for you to treat your body with some love and make healthy food choices. You are what you eat so do not be cheap, fat and easy to find. Healthy food will cost a bit more but this is lower in fat and will make you feel better about yourself and you will even look better as a result!

6. Love Your Genes

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You have your legs from your mom, your hips from your grandmother, your dad’s nose and the same laugh as your aunt. Stop being your own critic and love yourself for everything that makes you different. You are quite the catch in so many ways so love yourself for your genes! Your genealogy makes you different from everyone else and it is pretty neat to have resemblance to your family. It is one of the many ways we are tied together!

7. Your Body Can Create Miracles

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As a woman your body can create miracles. You can bring life into this world and your hips that may seem at sometimes larger than life is what will help you to bring life into this world. You have the anatomy to create life so be thankful for this wonderful blessing!

So with so many reasons to love your body, show yourself some self- love! You deserve it because you are oh so amazing!

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