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The reasons to get a massage are multiple, but the reason I love the most is because you’ll feel beautiful. That beauty is a byproduct of all the other benefits that getting a massage offers. I know that a massage doesn’t come cheap, but if you can swing it every now and then, you’ll see what I mean. Find a licensed massage therapist so you know you’re getting what you pay for. Most day spas have wonderful options. Check out these reasons to get a massage and you’ll be feeling and looking beautiful in no time.

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When your massage therapist stimulates your muscles, it can be really relaxing. This easily one of the best reasons to get a massage. It feels really good to lie there on the table and let your massage therapist rub your sore, tight and aching muscles. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and maybe even stress-free for a couple of hours. You can’t beat that!


Boosts Immunity

There’s nothing beautiful about being sick, but getting a massage has immunity benefits that can keep your healthy and looking good all the time. That’s because massage improves your blood circulation, which enhances your body’s production of disease-fighting white blood cells. That means your body is better able to fight off illnesses. If that’s not a great reason to hit the massage parlor, I don’t know what is.


Improves Mood

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from depression or anxiety, getting a regular massage can help. It reduces your body’s production of stress hormones, which can boost your mood and leave you feeling happier, healthier than and as beautiful as you are all the time. Even if you don’t have depression or anxiety, a massage will give you a happier outlook on life for some time afterward.


Eases Back Pain

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from back pain, a massage may be just the answer you’re looking for. You’ll look a lot more beautiful if you aren’t walking hunched over in agony. So get yourself to the massage parlor. You’re sure to experience a decrease in pain and stiffness so you can think about something else for a while.


Removes Toxins

Maybe you’re battling skin issues or a chronic health condition. Massage is great for releasing toxins by boosting your blood circulation and making you feel a lot better. Massage also helps bring healthy nutrients to all areas of your body, so getting one as often as you can swing it is a great way to keep your looks and health in tiptop shape.


Improves Sleep

We’re all aware of the toll that a lack of sleep can take on our looks. I’m talking about dark circles and bags under your eyes and dry skin as well as a poor mood and the desire to grab the closest junk food. Counteract that with a good massage now and then. If you’ve ever drifted off to slumber while you’re on the table, you know the benefits that a rubdown can have on your ability to relax and get some sleep. The benefits extend beyond your actual massage too.


Increases Alertness

Just a 15-minute massage can boost your alertness and help you be as productive as possible. Can you say lunch break massage? I think it’s a great idea! If you find yourself sluggish and losing focus often, consider adding a short massage to your routine a couple of times per month. You’re sure to notice the difference.

Do you get a massage often? What’s your favorite kind of massage?

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Omg I need a massage so bad. I live in the Atlanta area. Is there anyone who can recommend one?

I just got a voucher for my fiancé to get a massage and he hated the idea of it because he doesn't like others touching him but I've basically forced him to do it hopefully if i show him this he will be more excited and enjoy it :)

If only I could away from the kids long enough to do that sounds great though

My mother and I are getting a Swedish massage on Tuesday for Mother's Day! :)

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