It's Time for You to Love Being Tall ...

There are lots of reasons to love being tall if you were blessed in the height department. Some tall girls hate their height; if you're one of them it's time to start appreciating the advantages it gives you. Tall girls are beautiful; besides, you can't make yourself any shorter, so get used to your height and learn to love it. Here are some reasons to love being tall …

1. Striking

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One of the reasons to love being tall is that it's so striking. If you're height-challenged (like me!), you don't stand out - in fact, you tend to get lost in the crowd! Tall girls are stunning; it's only a disadvantage if you feel awkward. So own those inches and learn to love your height. Other people will envy you your height, so see yourself as they do.

2. Practical

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Being tall is also more practical. Admittedly, airline and theater seats can be cramped, but there are many situations where being taller gives you an advantage. You'll be easily able to reach for things on high shelves! Plus you'll have a great view in a crowd, unlike shorter people.

3. Legs

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Long legs are stunning, so make the most of yours. You don't need to pass up on high heels; they can make your legs look even better. The stars of the Forties like Betty Grable knew how eye-catching a pair of long, toned legs were, so give yours a workout until they're toned. They'll look fabulous in everything.

4. Powerful

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When you're shorter, people can patronise you and think that your lack of height means you're incapable of looking after yourself. That's never going to happen when you're taller. Height carries with it a sense of power, so taller people are taken more seriously. People won't be able to look down on you!

5. Sport

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Have you ever seen a five-foot nothing basketball player? Height gives you an advantage in most sporting activities. So if you're into sports, use your height to help your sporting prowess. Hurdles, long jump, high jump and basketball are just some of the sports that being tall will help you with (you'll probably have to pass on gymnastics!).

6. Tall Men

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Tall men will love you if they like a partner nearer their own height. But don't be put off shorter men. Some love an Amazon! Just because society says that the man should be taller doesn't mean that you can't date a guy shorter than you. The important thing is that you're compatible; it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

7. Clothes

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Being tall also gives you an advantage when it comes to clothes. Most designer clothes are designed to show off the taller body, so if your tastes (and pocket) run to expensive ranges then you've got the necessary height. You can also wear pretty much any length of skirt from mini to maxi, and will look stunning in them.

It doesn't matter if you don't conform to the idea that women should be shorter than men. You get the height you're given and there's nothing you can do to change it, so learn to love your height, whether you're tall, tiny or somewhere in between. Never be ashamed or embarrassed by being tall, and don't try to slouch and pretend you're shorter. Be proud of your height! Do you wish you were taller or shorter?

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