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I’ve worn glasses for most of my life, but last year I decided to switch from glasses to contacts. Not that I didn't have any misgivings about switching over, but I found that the pros outweighed the cons in my case. Here are the top reasons I chose to switch from glasses to contacts, and why I think you should too!

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One of the deciding factors that led me to switch from glasses to contacts was the fact that I felt so much more comfortable and confident without glasses. I know some people can really rock glasses - I mean just look at Zooey Deschanel - but they aren’t for everyone. I always wore unstylish glasses that didn’t flatter my face, and I thought made me look less feminine. If that’s the case with you as well, I’d recommend asking your optometrist about contacts, because getting them can instantly boost your confidence!


No Scratches

I don’t think I’m alone in admitting that I’m not always totally careful with my glasses; I leave them all over the place outside of their case. So, after doing this for a while, my glasses got all scratched up! I hated not being able to see the world clearly whether I wore glasses or not, but that isn’t a problem with contacts. When you wear contacts, you’ll see the world crystal clear every time you put them in! No scratches ever!



Being a California girl, I need sunglasses. And I love them, but I can’t wear them on top of my glasses. That’s why sunglasses are one of the main reasons I wear contacts, because I can see clearly and not be blinded by my beautiful California sun. Plus, I’ve found that while glasses seem to amplify sunlight, contacts don’t! So no more squinting while you drive if you switch from glasses to contacts.


Make up

When I work hard on my make up, I don’t want it to be obscured by my glasses’ lenses, do you? I think one of the best reasons to get contacts is that nothing is there to hide your lovely face! There are also lots of great ways to look great with glasses, but when you work so hard on your eye makeup, why would you just want to cover it up? So if you’re a makeup magician, I recommend making the switch from glasses to contacts ASAP!


No Wire Walls

We all want to see the world without boundaries, and while I love glasses because they help me see, they also limit my view with their wire walls. When you wear glasses, it’s easy to inhibit your vision just by looking up, down, or too far to the left or right. But since contacts move with your eyes, you can see a panoramic view of the world all of the time! It’s a small difference, but a great luxury of contacts!

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Hugs and Kisses

There have been so many instances when my three year old niece would run up to me for a hug and my glasses would scratch her darling face. I always felt so awful and feared she would never want to hug me again! But with contact lenses, hugs and kisses are no longer hazardous! It’s important to be able to be affectionate with those we love, but you don’t want to hurt each other in the process. So when your friends and family find out you’re glasses free, they may all be a little relieved too!


See in the Rain

How many times have you wished your glasses had mini windshield wipers on them during a rainy day? Well with contact lenses, you can join the masses of blissfully unaware non-glasses wearers and enjoy the rain with all of your senses. While you may not enjoy the rain, you don’t always have a choice of being in it. So if you have to brave a rainstorm, why not do it with sight?

Of course, contacts do have some negatives too, but I’ve found that glasses have more. You don’t need to wear your contacts every day - I often get too lazy to put them in - but if you notice that it’s raining outside, or a really sunny day, or your makeup just looks better than usual, it’s nice to have an alternative to glasses. If you’ve decided to wear contacts, why did you choose to do so?

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So true, especially the lack of sight in the rain but my glasses are a part of me now I can't get rid of them haha

These are the exact reasons why I love contacts!

I hate it when it starts raining and my glasses are all wet and foggy

but mine r wide.set eyes super wide away.. I'm.not used without my glasses coz it help me frame my face better but I want to wear contact more often

I love my contacts! Hate glasses, I can't see as well and they seem to make me a little dizzy wearing them. I am one of those people that don't wear contacts correctly bc my vision is so bad, I can't stand waking up at night and not being able to see so I sleep in my contacts :/ I really want ICL to correct my vision just so costly.

I've been wearing contact lenses for over 10 yrs and it has it's cons. It's quite costly, irritable and prolonged use or not properly cleaning and storing them could lead to an eye infection. After two cornea ulcers I switched to glasses and only use contact lenses for bad weather days. Plus glasses are quite fashionable!


I agree with everything but...for some reason I can see things clearer out of my glasses than my contacts! I'm not sure if it is because I have astigmatism or my eyes just get dry?

i love both.there so many beautiful frames out there these days.

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