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7 Reasons to Try Burlesque Dancing ...

By Ashley

Burlesque dancing may seem frightening and even a little off-putting to some women, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s a wonderful thing that any woman can do, no matter how young or old, big or small, tall or short. If you need a little convincing, here are some reasons you might want to try burlesque dancing.

1 It’s Sexy

It’s Sexy First and foremost, burlesque dancing is a celebration of the female sexual nature. It’s not glorifying sex and it’s not objectifying the dancer. It’s glorifying the truly mesmerizing ability that we women have to be beautiful and sexual beings. A burlesque dancer gets on stage and freely shares herself with the audience, and that’s the most powerful feeling in the world.

2 Self-Confidence Booster

Self-Confidence Booster As I said, burlesque is for all women. There are successful dancers of all shapes and sizes that bring with them their own unique beauty. Once you’ve owned your dance, you’ll be confident wearing your skin -- and maybe even wearing ONLY your skin if you decide to. That feeling of sexiness will follow you around everywhere, radiating like a halo of self-assurance that no one can break.

3 It’s Glamorous

It’s Glamorous I’m going to be honest, burlesque fashion has always been my favorite. It’s usually a very '50s feel, with the winged eyeliner and blood-red lips. That fashion doesn’t just have to be for the stage, though. Wearing a form-fitting dress and some strappy heels might become as natural and comfortable as wearing pajamas.

4 You’ll Be Fearless

You’ll Be Fearless If you can striptease on a stage, you can do anything. There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than exposing yourself (both physically and emotionally) to people. Once you’ve done that, asking out the guy you’ve had your eye on will be no problem.

5 You’ll Change for the Better

You’ll Change for the Better You’ll notice that there’s a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye as you smile. There’s something about burlesque that changes your whole demeanor. It adds a bit of sauciness and mischief that will make you more interesting to get to know.

6 You’ll GET Sexy(er)

You’ll GET Sexy(er) Burlesque is like any other form of dance. It takes practice and precision to look good. While it may not be as intensive as some other dances, it’s still a good workout, but one that’ll tone up the right places and keep the curves soft and sensual.

7 It’s Just Plain Fun

It’s Just Plain Fun You don’t have to be a professional dancer on stage to enjoy it. If the performance is not your style, it’s still FUN to play around and be sexy. Choreographing a routine in front of your bathroom mirror will always be a good time, and I defy you to prove me wrong.

Whether you’ll be dancing for a live audience or just for your beau at home, burlesque has something to offer everyone. If there’s a class or workshop near you, stop by and check it out! Would you consider doing burlesque? Why or why not? If you've tried it before, what did you think? Please share... I'd love to hear from you!

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